Saturday, 17 July 2010

A lone viking warrior from the north ventures into the hoards of anglo-saxons in the south - all in the name of Giles Kristian

Well tomorrow is the big day. The day I have to get up at 5am to start my marathon train journey at 7am just so I can arrive at the Festival of History, at Kellmarsh Hall in Northampton by about 12:30pm (if all goes well on the trains). Why do you ask? Well besides from the many, many events, displays, performances, contests and activities being provided at this weekend long event there is one event amongst them all that has stolen my heart and probably my common sense.
It is for the almighty modern day viking Giles Kristian, fantastic author of the amazing Raven Series that I am making this mekka like trip of hero worship just be blessed by his presence and turn into a mad fan at his appearance.

I have bought my festival ticket, got my festival event guide, got my train tickets, know what trains I should be traveling on, got food and snacks and water galore and of course the essential Raven books 'Raven: Blood-eye' and 'Raven: Sons of Thunder' to be blessed forever with his signature AND of course I could not go down there without my trusty camera to capture the moment we like minded viking lovers meet for eternity.

I won't say how much this one day long trip is costing me but I will say that I know just from reading his books that Giles Kristian is worth every penny of my hard earned and saved money.

So this is me signing off for now - I will of course keep anyone interested in this event and my meeting with Giles Kristian up-to-date via Twitter (@valkyrie1008 follow me there) as only tweeting in the early hours of the morning will keep me awake and prevent me from missing my train. You can also follow Giles on twitter via @GilesKristian. I probably won't blog about my experiences and post up pictures until the Monday as I won't get back to old Huddersfield until 10:30pm and I will pretty much fall to sleep as soon as I hit the floor, as I'm sure you can understand.

If anyone reading this is also around at the event on Sunday afternoon do come up and say hi I'll be wearing my Valkyrie t-shirt in honour of another fabulous viking author.

Until Monday then dear readers - may Frigg guide me safely from train to train and may Freya protect my bag from thieves.

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