Sunday, 4 July 2010

Giving my Valkyrie Stories Wings (without Red Bull) - Meet the author(s) - including ME!

Well I am officially now counting down the days till we break up at work for Summer hols! WOOO! 2 weeks today I'll be free to do what I want when I want.
Anyway onto some important creative news!
Firstly I may be not channeling my creativity into writing every spare minute of the day but I am always thinking of Soul Chaser and my valkyries and have decided to use them as inspiration to design my own t-shirt. Effectively killing three birds with one stone - creativing something unique, displaying my love for norse mythology inparticularly valkyries and promoting a curious interest in me and my writing by having Soul Chaser title and story tagline on my back - the valkyrie rising up from the pages of a book on my chest. Then I had a design epiphany!
At first I wasn't entirely sure how to make the valkyrie wings but then i thought - why not do it out of my own words from Soul Chaser itself! And you know what? It wasn't impossible thanks to the creative wonder of Image Maker. You can transfer any image (or writing in my case) onto whatever fabric you like! So I took the first page of the first chapter The Old Ways Never Die, photocopied it using the mirror option at the local library (so when I transferred them onto fabric it didn't come out backwards), drew the stencil cut out of wings onto my plain five quid white t-shirt and then cut out sentences in strips and cut em out to fit into the shape of the wings. It looked awesome!
So I spent hours last night covering each little phrase or individual word (52 pieces in all!) with the Image Maker and then making sure I glued them in the right order and of course the right way up. It certainly helped me read things backwards quicker hehehe.
After letting it set pressed between big books last night I used water and a sponge to rub away the paper to reveal my winged story. See image below - I was so proud with the finished product.
And it is completely readable! Just start from the left wing tip, go across to the right and back again. The dark patch around it is just where the waters soaked in and don't worry the co-op lettering is from the plastic bag between the front and back of the t-shirt to stop them sticking together. Now I just need to let it dry, seal it with the image maker paster again and then I can start constructing the spear and shield baring form of my valkyrie and give her my wings of words :D *super proud!*
On a slightly sadder note my writing group at Halifax where I've been attending to learn from the fabulous Stephen May has finally come to an end but he invited us as writers to attend the Ticket to Write performance event for writers to read out their works on a big london red bus as part of the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival 2010 this coming saturday from 12-1pm.
So if you're around the area next weekend and want to promote your own writing or maybe want to meet up with me or something I'll be there. Just let me know if you are! I will be there spreading the word about the secret lives of valkyries using nothing but my voice and the attention of a lucky few.
Yet low and behold the Norns of Fate delt me some goodluck as not long before this one finished I learned of the Huddersfield Authors Circle which meet twice a month on the second and last wednesday of each month. I actually found out because the president and publicity officer Dawn Rogers came across my wordpress blog (now closed) and emailed me about the group and invited me to join. So I will be officially attending on wednesday 28th of July. 
If you'er a local Huddersfield-er and write please do come on down, they do workshops. reading, sessions, author events and all sorts and it's been going on for ages and seen many people go onto some success after being with them.
I was very glad to accept but rotten luck came in then as the next session took place when I was at my HNC Fashion Show (which was amazing!) and then the next one set is when I'm going to York for an evening with Joanne Harris!
Joanne Harris's most famous book Chocolat has been chosen to be the focus of this years York Big City Read and to launch the year long event centering on her book and other tasty chocolate events she will be there at it's launch in  Explore York Learning Library. Tickets cost £3.50 (fab price for such an idol of mine) and at the event you can get your own free copy of Chocolat, get it signed and learn more about Joanne and her writing. Here's the link for more details and on how to get your ticket - I've already got mine *big happy grin* 

So that's three important things for you to note if you can get to any of these events/groups:
Saturday 10th July - Hebden Bridge Arts Festival 2010 - 12-1pm - By The Hole In the Wall pub - Ticket To Write event on Bus - local writers gather to perform their works - FREE

Next meeting Wednesday 28th July - Huddersfield Authors Circle - at County House pub behind town hall - workshops, sessions, readings, performances, author events and more.

Wednesday 14th July - Launch of York Big City Read - Explore York Learning Library - Joanne Harris author event - from 7pm - tickets £3.50.

Hope to see some friendly faces at all three!

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  1. Loving the shirt!!
    And: why Saturday??? We could have met up on Friday as I have to be in London for my NI-interview then anyway.

    Keep the creative things coming! Loving it.


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