Saturday, 24 July 2010

From the fires of my imagination a winged Valkyrie rises: Soul Chaser - Chapter 5 - Rise and Fall

The following is a dedication to my newest favourite author on the scene of viking era historial fiction, Giles Kristian, his kindness and encouragement towards me and my writing last sunday (can't believe it's been a week that sunday will always feel like yesterday) has restored my faith and hope in my little silly dream of releasing the secret and untold lives of Odin's Valkyries (past and present) upon this modern world. And to that I have been writing like a woman possessed by their voices whispering to me their tales and adventures. 
First I began by just writing one thousand words for the past two days since breaking up from work for summer holidays on Wednesday but today I couldn't stop. I did nearly 2,500 words and thus completed Soul Chaser - Chapter 5 - Rise and Fall - in a suprising 3 day period!
It is now up on my blog in the sections tab at the top so if you've read chapters 1-4 and were dying to know what happened next do skip over and have a read. All comments and feedback are welcome even criticism.
But for those of you who might be new to this sanctum of viking madness here's a little picture of a clue about what occurs in Soul Chaser - Chapter 5 just get you interested - of course I do recommend you read from the beginning. But to get a general overview of what has happened and what may yet happen - please do visit the Soul Chaser Brief and Blurb section.
It's a rather bad drawing I know but this was what I envisioned happening to my MC Jennifer Wallace further into the story soooo many months ago now so I'm super happy it's finally come to fruition in my own writing at long last.

Now that my writing is really on a roll who want's to be I'll have Chapter 6 finished by the end of next week?

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