Sunday, 25 July 2010

Becky Bookworm Book Review: A Giles Kristian Special - An Astounding Viking Saga Author

I have just finished the sequel in a trilogy of my favourite genre Historical fiction set in the Viking era and by my new all time favourite author Giles Kristian ( and @GilesKristian on Twitter). I had the divine pleasure of meeting him at the Festival of History a week ago today and getting him to sign my copies of his books Raven: Bloodeye (book 1) and Sons of Thunder: Second Raven Adventure (book 2). Both are absolutely fantastic and worthy of the high praise he has recieved from none other than Robert Low and Bernard Cornwell for his thrilling saga.
I do encourage anyone who is fan of the middle ages, vikings and this time period in historical fiction to visit your nearest bookshop and get these books and emerse yourself in his soul binding words. I promise you, you won't be disappointed and you won't regret it.

   RavenRaven by Giles Kristian

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Giles leads readers into the grim yet fascinating world of middle age england through the character of Osric, a young man with no memory of his past apart from a blood ruined eye. His world is disturbed by the appearence of a group of norse traders unsettling him and his common folk. Yet the peace is further disturbed when the local priest tried to posion the Jarl Sigurd and Osric forewarns the Jarl of this trick. A fight ensues and men are killed yet Osric is spared only by the quickeness of his tongue in saving the Jarl's life. He is taken away from the land he knows of has home with the warband and so begins another new way of life for him, of praying to the old gods to calm the seas as he is brought up upon the longships, to hunger after treasure of silver and jewels but most of all the importance of the bond men as warriors forge and the fatal penalty due when any man breaks such an bond as the fellowship of norsemen.

A definite must buy and read ASAP for any fans of Robert Low and Bernard Cornwell. Giles Kristian is a new kid on the block in this genre and he is definitly as talented for telling a good saga of sword brothers as Low and Cornwell who've been masters for years.

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  Sons of Thunder: The Second Raven Adventure (Raven 2)Sons of Thunder: The Second Raven Adventure by Giles Kristian

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book really does triumph as a sequel to Raven: Bloodeye. There's more drama, tension, suprises, battle and death as well a nice dollop of cunning in the new series of adventures experiecnes by Raven and his fellowship of Sigurd the Lucky. There's a even a bit of love thrown in for Raven but it has turned tainted and sour by the end of the book. And one character meets his ill-fated death by the hand of no norseman which is one of the many satisfying twists and turns Gile's weaves into his fine thrilling saga. All lovers of viking historical fiction should read this and take note of the amazing new young blooded talent that brings the lives of vikings once more into the fore of our imaginations.

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Saturday, 24 July 2010

From the fires of my imagination a winged Valkyrie rises: Soul Chaser - Chapter 5 - Rise and Fall

The following is a dedication to my newest favourite author on the scene of viking era historial fiction, Giles Kristian, his kindness and encouragement towards me and my writing last sunday (can't believe it's been a week that sunday will always feel like yesterday) has restored my faith and hope in my little silly dream of releasing the secret and untold lives of Odin's Valkyries (past and present) upon this modern world. And to that I have been writing like a woman possessed by their voices whispering to me their tales and adventures. 
First I began by just writing one thousand words for the past two days since breaking up from work for summer holidays on Wednesday but today I couldn't stop. I did nearly 2,500 words and thus completed Soul Chaser - Chapter 5 - Rise and Fall - in a suprising 3 day period!
It is now up on my blog in the sections tab at the top so if you've read chapters 1-4 and were dying to know what happened next do skip over and have a read. All comments and feedback are welcome even criticism.
But for those of you who might be new to this sanctum of viking madness here's a little picture of a clue about what occurs in Soul Chaser - Chapter 5 just get you interested - of course I do recommend you read from the beginning. But to get a general overview of what has happened and what may yet happen - please do visit the Soul Chaser Brief and Blurb section.
It's a rather bad drawing I know but this was what I envisioned happening to my MC Jennifer Wallace further into the story soooo many months ago now so I'm super happy it's finally come to fruition in my own writing at long last.

Now that my writing is really on a roll who want's to be I'll have Chapter 6 finished by the end of next week?

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Becky Bookworm Book Review: Bleak History and Definitely Dead

Now I've read two books for once together recently simply because I'd started one but then remember another from a local library is due back soon so I got stuck into that one on my long trip to Northampton to meet Giles Kristian at the Festival of History (picture up in post below or in my Record of Writing Achievements section).

  Bleak HistoryBleak History by John Shirley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

At first I found the narrative a bit dry to begin with but once you're introduced to the characters curiosity grabs your mind like a noose and drags you all the way through the story. Some of it can be a bit slow at times but there is always an underlying tension, a new sub-plot to dicover, secrets to learn and threats to overcome so its at least constant in a smooth flow.
It is overall an enjoyable story with a well defined characters, strong exciting plot and a good sense of reality when dealing the paranormal feaures involved although the link to Newton is a big vague.
The best way to describe it is like a different take on the whole X-man thing where there are humans with unique abilities - not becuase their mutants but because they have a special link with the powers outside our world.

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  Definitely Dead (Sookie Stackhouse, #6)Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well after a small break from Sookie and her wild adventures this book certainly made me ask why the hell why? She's still just as smart, witty, funny and brave when dealing with the unfortunate issue of heart break with Bill still being around and flaunting a new partner in her face but sadly that heart break opens up a whole new wound of pain for poor Sookie later on when Eric and Bill both continue to squabble over who deserves her attention when a series of were attacks and a major fall out between two vampire states occur around her. It's a good time to say though that she does find some happiness with a certain were-tiger who proves to be the kind of lover Sookie needs right now, as well as a protector.

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Monday, 19 July 2010

From one Viking loving writer to another - My Viking Day with author Giles Kristian

Well if you've been following me on Twitter over the past Sunday then you will know I managed to withstand the drudgery of a 4 hour train journey to Northampton and 4 hours coming back again. 
All because I am a fan of anything vikingy and one of my new favourite viking era historical fiction authors was attending.
Does the name Giles Kristian ring any bells? Does the best selling title Raven or Sons of Thunder bring forth the glorious days of the dark ages before your mind?
Well if you were a fan of anything vikingy or had read the books that name would mean a hell of a lot to you.
But there was much more than Giles Kristian on display at the event I went to attend.
Really, what?
The Festival of History 2010!
This is one fantastic brilliant HUGE awesome historical event I don't know how I haven't heard of it in the past 6 years I've been attending the Jorvik Viking Festival. WHich is itself a fantastic event and soley for viking fans the world over BUT this Festival of History covers everything apart from the neolithic basically. All british history of course. 
It has Romans, Elizabethans, Vikings, Anglo-saxons, Regency, Victorians, Civil War, Napoleon War, Boer War, WW1 and WW2 and soooooooo much more. Of course I glimpsed all this as I explored the massive festival encampment on the grounds of Kellmarch Hall in Northampton.
Yet how could I not linger around the Viking camp more than anywhere else? I couldn't - simple as that and I couldn't be torn away once they started having combat contests *big grin* - please watch videos below for a show of the viking battle strength and class.
This is of two vikings fighting with spears.
This is of two vikings fighting with swords.
If they don't display properly please go to my YouTube site to see the videos there.

However now I come to the true highlight of my delightful day there and that is everything to do with Giles Kristian (
Here is Gile's little promotion stall displying his books, exclusive bookmarks and his own genuine viking helmet and sword!
Here is Giles Kristian (on the left) with the speaker *forgotten his name* for his public interview event at the festival. He whispered my name as he passed me on way to stage making me jump and blush. THen not only did I pluck up the courage to ask him a question as a writer he openly and very publicly said 'Yes, I know you're a writer, Soul Chaser." I quickly blurted out that it won't mean anything to anyone because only I know about it. I did appreciate the plug but it came a bit toooo early in my writing career hehehe. He also proudly announced that he had just finished book three of Raven - Odin's Wolves which will be due out next February so that's a date to put in my calendar *big grin*

Now my finest moment in life so far - a captured moment of my meeting with Giles in person.
And wearing my valkyrie t-shirt too which he liked *big grin*

We had such a friendly and open conversation together after I kindly got him to sign my books and one on behalf of my boss who foolishly misplaced her own. First question he asked me was 'Ok becky how long did it take you go get here?' as he understoon I was at first not going to come because of the distance but in the end due to persuasion from my partner and the knowledge I had some savings left I went ahead and went. We then talked about his books, about writing, about the festival, got this photo, he asked me how Soul Chaser was going and I had to ashamedly admitt it had kind of stalled. Engine was still wirring in my mind but the writing process itself wasn't moving anywhere. I think his quote in my own copy of Raven showed his support and encouragement for me to keep rowing as he put the words 'To Rebecca, welcome aboard - now row!' - which I will interpret as 'now write!'.
It was only after this brief friendly and warm conversation that I learnt he even had a stall in the market side of the festival which I also only discovered due to the fact that he had a stall. So after letting him get back to promoting his fine novels I went in search for it as he had told me had a genuine vikings word. I located the stall and met up with his extremely friendly and chatty family. I think I got into an interesting with his in-laws about writing, the ups and downs, my journey down, was it worth it, anything vikingy, he even asked about my own writing which was humbling to have any sign of interest. I also was introduced to Gile's daughter Freya who is under 1 year old I think - she really does suit her name. Lovely blonde hair, star bright blue eyes and she is the first baby to genuinely like me when I smile and wave at her - she smiled and waved back. Truly adorable.

Thus after the best meeting in my life of an author I love I ended the day with a tasty true wild venisson burger with ketchup and onions. MMMMMm it was tasty. Wish I could have another one. So it was I made my long trek back home - which would have been quicker if some poor guy hadn't panicked when getting on my train a few stations earlier before I was on it at Milton Keynes Central as he pulled the alarm handle stopping the train suddenly and causing a lot of hassle. Due to that event I missed my connection back to Huddersfield byu 2 minutes when arriving at Manchester Piccadilly and so had to wait a further hour before the next one. Ultimately my train journey became a mirror image there and on the way back of the time spent travelling.

Was it worth it?
Will you go again next year?
Count on it! It's booked in my diary for 2011.

Now let's see if of starstruck encounter with the lovely Giles Kristian (follow on Twitter @GilesKristian) will give me the kick up the backside I need to keep writing Soul Chaser.
I'm feeling optimistic right now after his inspirational words - so watch this space.....    

Saturday, 17 July 2010

A lone viking warrior from the north ventures into the hoards of anglo-saxons in the south - all in the name of Giles Kristian

Well tomorrow is the big day. The day I have to get up at 5am to start my marathon train journey at 7am just so I can arrive at the Festival of History, at Kellmarsh Hall in Northampton by about 12:30pm (if all goes well on the trains). Why do you ask? Well besides from the many, many events, displays, performances, contests and activities being provided at this weekend long event there is one event amongst them all that has stolen my heart and probably my common sense.
It is for the almighty modern day viking Giles Kristian, fantastic author of the amazing Raven Series that I am making this mekka like trip of hero worship just be blessed by his presence and turn into a mad fan at his appearance.

I have bought my festival ticket, got my festival event guide, got my train tickets, know what trains I should be traveling on, got food and snacks and water galore and of course the essential Raven books 'Raven: Blood-eye' and 'Raven: Sons of Thunder' to be blessed forever with his signature AND of course I could not go down there without my trusty camera to capture the moment we like minded viking lovers meet for eternity.

I won't say how much this one day long trip is costing me but I will say that I know just from reading his books that Giles Kristian is worth every penny of my hard earned and saved money.

So this is me signing off for now - I will of course keep anyone interested in this event and my meeting with Giles Kristian up-to-date via Twitter (@valkyrie1008 follow me there) as only tweeting in the early hours of the morning will keep me awake and prevent me from missing my train. You can also follow Giles on twitter via @GilesKristian. I probably won't blog about my experiences and post up pictures until the Monday as I won't get back to old Huddersfield until 10:30pm and I will pretty much fall to sleep as soon as I hit the floor, as I'm sure you can understand.

If anyone reading this is also around at the event on Sunday afternoon do come up and say hi I'll be wearing my Valkyrie t-shirt in honour of another fabulous viking author.

Until Monday then dear readers - may Frigg guide me safely from train to train and may Freya protect my bag from thieves.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

From one Norse loving writer to another - My evening with Joanne Harris

Well my summer holidays of writing, author meetings and more literary fun (hopefully involving a good dollop of my own writing skills) got off to a clap thunder and lashings of rain (due to Thor stomping around over Huddersfield with possible excitement) as I left via train to good old Jorvik (aka York) to meet Joanne Harris - author of Chocolat but my favourite book of all time - Runemarks! THE book to read whether you're young or old to rekindle the fires of the imagination with great visions of the old norse gods brought back to life with Joanne's magic voodoo of words.

She was at her own author event at Explore York Library Learning centre to launch the start of York City Big Read 2010 which has chosen her book Chocolat to be the book of choice this year. She gave a fantastic reading from both Chocolat and Lollipop Shoes (the sequel) and told many funny anecdotes about writing the book, her experience of it being made into a film and her views on all things chocolate.

After her talk she answered quite a few questions from the audience - alongside the rumble of Thor pounding over head again in praise for her attendance to this fabled viking city of the north. I kept trying to get my hand up but you'd be suprised how quick the many mature ladies in the audience were.

But she entertained us all and gave some very interesting answers. Then it was on to the booksigning and I thankfully got quite early into the que although it was still ten minutes before I came face to face with the woman who has given the Norse Gods a new lease of life in the imagination of many modern readers.

I came up to her cradling my own copy of Runemarks, her free giveaway copy of Chocolat and my camera, coat and bags dangling between my legs.
I gave her a delighted hello when she looked at me and said "I know you."
"Do you really?" I said in reply getting immediatly nervous and shy.
"Yes you're the one with the t-shirt, let me see."
So I gave her a super happy quick twirl showing off the now completed front and back design of my t-shirt - the words in runic style writing say on the back "There Are More Than Angels and Devils After Your Soul".
"Wow I love it! I'm quite jealous of you."
"Thanks." I beamed quickly muttering about how my own words form her wings from my humble WIP novel Soul Chaser etc. I nearly offered to make her one but I thought it might be rude asking her top size etc especially in front of so many fans glaring me from behind as they wait their turn.
I then politely asked her to sign Chocolat to my boyfriend's Mum who claims to have seen Joanne work her own young daughter to school many years ago and then asked her to personalise my copy of Runemarks which I bought already signed but it made it even more special to have it addressed to me.

I then managed to get a couple of photos taken with her - sadly the second one although better as it shows off my t-shirt was taken midway through me laughing so my face is half smiling half baring teeth which isn't very pretty - but here's the more successful and sophisticated one.

Two writers keeping the old ways alive

I skipped and hopped my way back to the que a huge buzzing sensation zipping along all my veins as if Thor had struck me with a friendly lightening bolt.

That evening in her company was my highlight of the year. She is so super friendly, cool and funny that it's hard not to wish you could become fast friends for life. But she has a fan for life in me.

May Frigg guide you and Freya guard you Joanne - may we meet again when you finally release Runelight the sequel to Runemarks which is only just beginning to be edited and rewritten.

Monday, 12 July 2010

The Grist Anthology of New Writing 2010 Competition - If you're a new writer this is your chance at fame!

This competition is a MUST NOT BE MISSED event especially created to promote new and talented writers:
The next Grist new writing competition is now open for submission and the deadline is 30 November 2010.

Judges are Helen Simson (Short story) and Lemn Sissay (Poetry)

1st Prize - £500
2nd Prize - £250
3rd Prize - £100

Plus publication for all shortlisted writers

Entry fee:£5

Deadline: 30 November 2010

Competition Rules

Online entries accepted.

There is no limit to how many poems/stories you can submit

All entries must include the writer’s contact details on a separate sheet

Short stories up to 3,500 words (double spaced)

Poems up to 40 lines (single spaced)

All work must be 12 point typeface

Please number pages

All entries must be previously unpublished work.

Copyright remains with the author.

*To enter online please visit actual website at then click on the Competition section.*

Online Submission

once the transaction is complete entries can be emailed to:

Michael Stewart

Please put Grist Short Story/Poem Submission in the Subject Line

In the body of the email include The Short Story/Poetry title(s) and a reference to your payment transaction. Please ensure your attached submission also includes your name.

Postal Submission

To enter by post, send your entries along with a cheque (made payable to: 'The University of Huddersfield') to the address below. Please include a cover note that includes

the title(s) of your entries,

your name,

your address,

your phone number and

email address (if you have one)

DOn't forGET to include a cheque for you entry fee

Grist Competition,

The School of Music,

Humanities and Media,

Queensgate, Huddersfield, HD1 3DH

Closing date 30 November 2010

Good luck!

The second year of hopefull success for this great anthology to promote new talented writers and poets is now open! YAY! And here is the genius behind it all, Michael Stewart (my tutor at Hudd Uni when studying English Studies with Creative Writing) holding the newly published first original Grist Anthology from November 2009.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

My 5 minute debut at Hebden Bridge Art Festival 2010 - Authorly love and support for me and from me

Well I survived and had a blast and the Ticket To Write event part of the Hebden Bridge Art Festival 2010.
Me and a few (really few, only 3 other lovely ladies turned up) joined author of 'Tag' Stephen May upon the hired London Routemaste performance bus to read out pieces of our writing.
Just next to the old 'Hole in t'wall' pub across from the Old Bridge in the little town which itself had a rather fascinating history. See the proud sign displayed by it below.
Anyway depsite the few numbers it meant we all weren't as nervous and managed to get along and despite the odd interuption of tourists popping their heads through the door we all spoke clearly and told our stories well. Each writer proved her individual talent with stories reflecting on motherhood and heritage to one about a comical school trip to France. After we had performed Steven read a chapter from his book 'Tag' which I honestly had never heard of or read before. And I was suprised to find it was told from a teenage girls point of view and even more suprised by how successfully and uncliched he got it across.
So I was even more happy when he gave away three copies, I got one and I then asked him to kindly sign it as a memento of all the pleasurable time we spent together during the writing group he ran at Halifax where I've been a constant pupil for the past 12 weeks.
See below for the super delightful message he left me with this signature *proud grin* The t-shirt in question is my valkyrie handmade one which he admired after I read a small section from Soul Chaser Chapter One - The Old Ways Never Die.
Stepehen May, author of Tag - " To Becky, if your novel is as good as your T Shirt you have a winner."

Now continuing on the theme of authorly love and support I recieved some super exciting news at the end of last week. One of the newest and most talented authors to enter the arena of Historical Fiction and bring the viking way of life back to the forefront of modern imaginations is my rather silent twitter friend and viking fan fellow Giles Kristian (@GilesKristian). He tweeted for a brief minute on Friday about he will be making an appearence at the English Heritage Festival of History 2010 event in Northampton, Sunday 18th July, in conversation with Greg Neale.
Of course I was over the moon about this as I currently have books signed from Tim Severin, Joanne Harris who are both viking authors of sorts and great at it and I would love to add Giles to my special collection as well as meet him and have another chance to show off my valkyrie t-shirt.
That was until I realised how far away Northampton actually was from lil Huddersfield. Yet I still entertained the idea that I could raid my savings and drag my BF along with me so I looked at train times down there - 3 hours each way wasn't too bad, coped with about the same when I went down to Oxford for a days training with my boss. Cost - about £66 with young person rail card. Sadly it turned out to be over £100 for BF who stupidly doesn't have one yet he uses the train more than me.
So now it's all down to me.
Do I go or do I stay?
I want to go, and I think I would be ok it's just a shame to be going on my own and I'm a little bit nervous about that fact. 
But could I live with myself if I didn't go? Is it worth the regret?
How far should fans go to show their love and support of one of their favourite authors? (And I'm not talking about stalking and wierd fan mail).
Either way I must make my decision by Wednesday at latest so I can get ticket booked and start relaxing.
What do you think I should do? What would you do in my position?

Thursday, 8 July 2010

My Valkyrie from Soul Chaser finally got her wings!


If you're unsure what the excitement is all about please see the awesomeness pictured below.
Ok this is t-shirt was designed out of my WIP novel idea Soul Chaser - which feature Valkyries (the viking version of angels and a hell of a lot cooler) the best way to sum up by novel idea is with its tag line "There are more than Angels and Devils after your soul". But this t-shirt yet again expresses my love and fascination with Norse Mythology (the many great tales of adventures and mischief the norse gods the Aesir get up to.) The Valkyries feaure very briefly in it all hence why they fascinated me so much as there is so little known about them and their lives.

I began with the two wings and the wonder that is Image Maker (for those you don't know it's a cool paste that you cover any photocopied image with, place on fabric, leave over night, moisten paper to rub off, seal with paste when dry and clear and wella!). At first I wasn't entirely sure how to make the wings as they are usually quite a complicated layout of features but once I got the general basic curve of them being uplifted I replaced the features with my own words, cut out straight from the opening of my WIP Soul Chaser. So in a sense literally giving my valkyrie wings with my own words.
Once I had all that done I began working seperately on parts to form the body. I formed the chest, arms and cloak (top half) using multiple layers of different fabrics, primarily star fabric for her midnight cloak, grey felt and a silver fabric to represent chainmail for her armour.
I then created the head using pale pink fabric (sadly it frayed quite alot round edges hence dodgy mouth/lips), helmet of grey felt and brown embriodery thread for her hair.
Next I created the round shield using a base circle of brown felt, a circle of black fabric and then a rustic red circle cut into a pattern of quarters embroidered together.
After that it was a matter creating the back tail of the cloak beneath the round shield and her armoured legs disappearing into a point where she is emerging from within the depths of a book!
The book itself was made with a base of shiny purple fabric on top of purple felt, then several strip layers of calico for the pages (they were actually loose so they could be treated like pages but in the end were sewn down to prevent damage). Once book was complete I embroidered my WIP Soul Chaser title onto the pages.
Then it was merely a matter of sewing the small strip of brown felt for the spear and then sewing all the body parts together concurrently onto my t-shirt.
When all was applied my valkyrie soul chaser t-shirt design was complete.
A fitting symbol for my love of norse mythology and my inspiration for Soul Chaser.
Took me one week to make and ironically completed on Thursday (aka Thor's Day hehehe)
Now as I'm currently reading another book that isn't a Sookie thriller *shock horror* (yes I know but I've had to pass these two weeks somehow whilst I waited for local lib to finally get the one after Dead to the World.) And as I've now finished this which has consumed every evening since last weekend - *deep breath* dare I say the inspiration in this design might be my muse (if I have one) pushing me to finally begining Chapter 5?????

We shall have to wait and see *fingers crossed* After all summer holidays is coming up soon and who knows what crazyness might happen with all that free time.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Giving my Valkyrie Stories Wings (without Red Bull) - Meet the author(s) - including ME!

Well I am officially now counting down the days till we break up at work for Summer hols! WOOO! 2 weeks today I'll be free to do what I want when I want.
Anyway onto some important creative news!
Firstly I may be not channeling my creativity into writing every spare minute of the day but I am always thinking of Soul Chaser and my valkyries and have decided to use them as inspiration to design my own t-shirt. Effectively killing three birds with one stone - creativing something unique, displaying my love for norse mythology inparticularly valkyries and promoting a curious interest in me and my writing by having Soul Chaser title and story tagline on my back - the valkyrie rising up from the pages of a book on my chest. Then I had a design epiphany!
At first I wasn't entirely sure how to make the valkyrie wings but then i thought - why not do it out of my own words from Soul Chaser itself! And you know what? It wasn't impossible thanks to the creative wonder of Image Maker. You can transfer any image (or writing in my case) onto whatever fabric you like! So I took the first page of the first chapter The Old Ways Never Die, photocopied it using the mirror option at the local library (so when I transferred them onto fabric it didn't come out backwards), drew the stencil cut out of wings onto my plain five quid white t-shirt and then cut out sentences in strips and cut em out to fit into the shape of the wings. It looked awesome!
So I spent hours last night covering each little phrase or individual word (52 pieces in all!) with the Image Maker and then making sure I glued them in the right order and of course the right way up. It certainly helped me read things backwards quicker hehehe.
After letting it set pressed between big books last night I used water and a sponge to rub away the paper to reveal my winged story. See image below - I was so proud with the finished product.
And it is completely readable! Just start from the left wing tip, go across to the right and back again. The dark patch around it is just where the waters soaked in and don't worry the co-op lettering is from the plastic bag between the front and back of the t-shirt to stop them sticking together. Now I just need to let it dry, seal it with the image maker paster again and then I can start constructing the spear and shield baring form of my valkyrie and give her my wings of words :D *super proud!*
On a slightly sadder note my writing group at Halifax where I've been attending to learn from the fabulous Stephen May has finally come to an end but he invited us as writers to attend the Ticket to Write performance event for writers to read out their works on a big london red bus as part of the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival 2010 this coming saturday from 12-1pm.
So if you're around the area next weekend and want to promote your own writing or maybe want to meet up with me or something I'll be there. Just let me know if you are! I will be there spreading the word about the secret lives of valkyries using nothing but my voice and the attention of a lucky few.
Yet low and behold the Norns of Fate delt me some goodluck as not long before this one finished I learned of the Huddersfield Authors Circle which meet twice a month on the second and last wednesday of each month. I actually found out because the president and publicity officer Dawn Rogers came across my wordpress blog (now closed) and emailed me about the group and invited me to join. So I will be officially attending on wednesday 28th of July. 
If you'er a local Huddersfield-er and write please do come on down, they do workshops. reading, sessions, author events and all sorts and it's been going on for ages and seen many people go onto some success after being with them.
I was very glad to accept but rotten luck came in then as the next session took place when I was at my HNC Fashion Show (which was amazing!) and then the next one set is when I'm going to York for an evening with Joanne Harris!
Joanne Harris's most famous book Chocolat has been chosen to be the focus of this years York Big City Read and to launch the year long event centering on her book and other tasty chocolate events she will be there at it's launch in  Explore York Learning Library. Tickets cost £3.50 (fab price for such an idol of mine) and at the event you can get your own free copy of Chocolat, get it signed and learn more about Joanne and her writing. Here's the link for more details and on how to get your ticket - I've already got mine *big happy grin* 

So that's three important things for you to note if you can get to any of these events/groups:
Saturday 10th July - Hebden Bridge Arts Festival 2010 - 12-1pm - By The Hole In the Wall pub - Ticket To Write event on Bus - local writers gather to perform their works - FREE

Next meeting Wednesday 28th July - Huddersfield Authors Circle - at County House pub behind town hall - workshops, sessions, readings, performances, author events and more.

Wednesday 14th July - Launch of York Big City Read - Explore York Learning Library - Joanne Harris author event - from 7pm - tickets £3.50.

Hope to see some friendly faces at all three!

Becky Bookworm Book Review: Seduced by Moonlight by Laurell K aHamilton

Seduced by Moonlight (Meredith Gentry, #3) Seduced by Moonlight (Meredith Gentry, #3) by Laurell K. Hamilton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Well I'm sad to say that the pace in this book compared to the previous ones in the series becomes as fast as paint drying on the wall.
Important stuff happens but about half the book covers only a few days and nights and it merely shows characters dealing with one problem or another and of course there is always some form of sex involved in the solution.
The only real action and drama occurs right near the end where Merry has a show down with Andias over her brutality with her Ravens and then another series of court show downs as the courteirs of the Unseelie court show their true colours not only regarding Merry's status as heir but also Andias's rule.
Over all it's a fairly disappointing read with the plot proving worthy only at the end which makes it feel like the rest of the book is a waste of time and not really worth the effort to get to the end.
After this disappointment I'm not going to bother reading the rest of the series.

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