Sunday, 20 June 2010

A Gift of a Story - my first serious attempt at flash fiction

The Gift of a Story:

On the 19th of April 2010, Lucy received a plastic key coated in silver, a glass globe filled with water that when shaken caused a whirlpool of glitter around the lone figure of a grey bear with a blue nose, holding a smaller version of afore said key. She also received a tall wine glass with the numbers two and one embossed together in silver. The rest of the presents were all nice but equally typical such as clothes, jewellery and make-up. Amongst her collection of gifts wandered her girl friends, parents and her boyfriend.
It was only when her boyfriend passed her a small box wrapped in brown paper did Lucy feel truly excited. Her mind imagined wedding bells and a honeymoon abroad. She opened the box in a rush of torn paper but stopped when she saw its contents.
In a small clear tub was a single bean of clay brown with darker mottled markings. There was also a small note with writing which looked similar to her late Grandfather Jack. It was a message of one line.
“May this bean stalk grow as tall and as constant as my love is for you.”
Lucy’s tears began to fall upon the three crosses that symbolized a literary kiss.
The next day Lucy planted that bean in a small flower pot and placed it upon her bedroom bookcase next to her favourite story book, a tale of golden eggs and giants.
The story bean still grows today.

1 comment:

  1. I really liked it Rebecca.

    It did exactly what I feel flash fiction should do:

    It invoked thoughts without the reader having to think about it.

    It touched the heart, just enough to elicit an 'Aah!' without making me wring my hands in anguish or cry my heart out.

    Well done.


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