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Becky Bookworm Book Review - Sookie Stackhouse Bk4 and Bk5 - Dead to the World and Dead as a Doornail

Dead to the World (Sookie Stackhouse, #4) Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Well its after Christmas and just when Sookie thinks she can stay out of Vampire society something unusual happens to the ever seducing Eric - he's forgotten who is? As Sookie and Pam and Chow his fellow vamps work out what's going on it turns out to there is a new gang of witches in Sherverport and their wanting Eric's business as well as his life and blood. The only catch is their not just human witches but were-witches. Alcide the loveable werewolf comes into the picture again bringing with him his kilted ex-or-not Debbie who is a shifter. Bill for once is completely out of the picture in Peru holidaying after vamps for his database. Ultimately it leads to a were-witch vs vamps+were alliance show down. But there's more than dangerous action adventure worrying Sookie for not only is she trying to balance a wondering affection for Alcide, heart break over Bill but she fears she might be tending towards a rebound affair with Eric, who tends to be a bit more gentlemanly than he was before. Not to mention her brother Jason is kidnapped and after all the fight and searching it turns out the witches have nothing to do with it but a little known reclusive were society does and one of them has given him a bite for life. Now it's not just Sookie who has to be careful and understand how things work with supernatural beings.
A riveting story bringing yet again another whole new insight into the many supernatural beings living in secret within human society despite the now accepted appearance of vamps. Lots of action, tension, comedy and a little bit of misguided romance.
A nice build up to the next book.

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Dead as a Doornail (Sookie Stackhouse, #5) Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
This one begins with the introdiction of Jason to the secretive society of were-panthers. But then three get shot by a sniper, one young were girl killed, the head were-panther of Jason's clan deeply wounded and even Sam the shifter at Merlottes gets a wounded leg. If that wasn't all Sookie had to worry about her brother Jason becomes lead suspect and Alcide woes her misguidedly into Sherverport were-wolf politics when their clan leader dies in a car crash. Not to mention Eric is still chasing after her wondering what they did together when he had amnesia and Bill is treading a fine line between Sookie's anger and favour. Over all it ends up being another tough episode for Sookie as her affections are put to the test with Sam, Alcide, Eric and even Bill suggestively vying for her attention.
Another brilliant mystery adventure packed with emotion, intrigue, tension and drama not to mention the odd death or two.
Can't wait to read the next one.

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