Monday, 7 June 2010

0.000000001% on my way to world domination! Muwahahahaha!

Again my latest piece of free publicity and another majorly minor piece of webspace to call my own has all been down to not WHAT YOU KNOW but WHO YOU KNOW. It is all due to the gracious, generous and patient understanding of my lovely writing friend Suz (@Bubblestroubled on Twitter) who is also writing about gods and devils in the modern modern day - basically imagine slowly realizing you are in fact the Devil and your Ex is GOD! Shock - horror! But anyway she's much further ahead on that WIP Bedevilled than I am with Soul Chaser. You can learn more about Suz, her roller coaster writing experience and journey and of course about Bubbles by following her main writing blog . Suz also runs another blog known as Average Jane's Book Reviews and she kindly asked me to write a guest post about being an aspiring writer and what inspired me about vikings to weave their mythology into my stories.
I was suprised by how reflective writing this piece was to do but I thoroughly enjoyed it as it gave me a small sense of achievment for the tiny steps of success I have taken since valkyries first began to whisper through my imagination. So if you care to learn all about my love of vikings and how it all began as well as the original idea behind Soul Chaser please do follow this link to learn all
Another nice suprise was to discover not only is my favourite norse mythology author Joanne Harris returning to good old Jorvik in mid July (that's York to you non-believers hehehe) to launch the Big City Read (I am SOOOOOOOOO definintly going to be there and am going to get photo and book signed and everything! Am I sounding like a mad fan yet? :P) but she is also now live on TWITTER! I thought this would never happen but there she is - happily tweeting about finally finishing the first draft of Runelight - sequel to the amazingly fanastic and friggin awesome for all viking lovers everywhere, Runemarks. You can join her following @Joannechocolat .
Anyway on a calmer note regarding my own writing I haven't honestly done much. Half term hols was too busy with family, friends, visiting places and being amazed by many great handy crafty things to even attempt anything. But my aim this week is refine, edit and rewrite if need be my latest original Valkyrie Short story for the Books Quarterly Waterstones SHort Story competition (deadline 1st July - find details here ) - you can read the draft from my earlier post in May here if you can spare ten minutes to read and give feedback. Would be greatly appreciated. Anyway the main aim of this week is to get it into tip top condition (its already on draft four) and then enter it by next weekend.
After that's its simple a matter of focusing on next competition, trying to get back to the adventure in Soul Chaser which I honestly do keep thinking about and my latest book which was all about beliefs in the middle ages gave me loads of ideas and of course reading to fuel my imagination furnace. As usual I'll let you know how that plan works out.


  1. Great post. I know that polishing up a manuscript can be murder.

    By the way, I've nominated you for a creative writer award. Please go to my blog and copy the picture for the award. then simply follow the directions.

    Again. great post. Love your blog!

  2. Becky, I commented over on your friend's blog on your post about how you became interested in the Vikings. I look forward to reading more when I can scrape together some time :-)


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