Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Publishers seeking novel submissions!

Now I have been for many years a subscribe to the UK based Writing Magazine which has always provided interesting, thoughtful and understanding articles regarding writing fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, biographys, articles, magazine stories etc and everything else to do with the publishing process such as agents and contracts.
Only just before christmas did I renew my subscription but the its sister magazine Writer's News added on for a regular sum every 3 months. At first I wasn't sure what else Writer's News would provide me with other than an extra competition to have a stab at each month.
Yet this week it has truly proven its worth with 2 small article about 2 different publishers seeking novel submissions in the Urban Fantasy/Contemporary Fantasy genre - basically Twilight and the whole modern vampire craze we have at present.
Now I originally was going to type each article out for you but that would be against copy right law so I'm just going to summarise what they are looking for and are willing to accept instead. The publishers website will probably provide better info anyway but hopefully this will be enough to get you modern fantasy writers out there interested. It sure got me jumping for the moon - if only I had an actual finished novel to hand - DOH!
*(the following information is acredited and referenced to Emma Shipley, page 2, Writer's News, March 2010 issue)
First up is Juno which is part of Pocket Books which in turn is part of Simon & Schuster, a big publisher in the US.
They publish "urban or contemporary fantasy with strong female protagonists. We are currently looking for novels from 80,000 to 100,000 words in length and completed manuscripts will have an advantage. This is a fantasy imprint. Techno-thrillers, suspense, crime, science fiction, action, adventure, etc without an element of  the fantastic are not fantasies. Nor we are we interested in young adult, teen, or children's books."
Email submissions are only accepted in doc or rtf attatched.
Submitt 3 chapters or equilivant sample, short cover letter in the body of email. "This is your chance to sell both yourself and your book. It is what will make us open that attatchment or put it off as long as possible."
For more info - Paula Guran, Editor: editor@juno-books.com.
Website - www.juno-books.com

*(the following information is acredited and referenced to Emma Shipley, page 11, Writer's News, March 2010 issue)
Next up is Hearts of Fire - "currently accepting submissions in all genres, including romance (all genres); paranormal (witchcraft/vampires/werewolves); mystery/action/suspense; sci-fi/fantasy; drama; horror; shorts stories; and erotica. However we want manuscripts to be edited very carefully. Only send us your best work."
To submitt email complete manuscript as an attachment to: submissions.heartsonfire@yahoo.com
In subject line write 'Submission: *title of manuscript*. 
The body of your email should include the following: a brief synopsis (two or three paragraphs will suffice), title of book, your name, your pen name (if any), email address, postal address, telephone number, genre and word count.
For more info - Melissa Miller - email - heartsonfire@live.com
Website - www.heartsonfirebooks.com

I wish all those writers who take up the gauntlet of these publishers the very best success. And I hope this example of excellent publishing opportunities encourages more to join Writer's News or even just Writing Magazine to get started - with them you always learn something new about the big world of the writing industry.


  1. I checked out the Juno website, but the link www.heartsonfirebooks.com doesn't work.

    I shouldn't really get ahead of myself. I'm not finished editing my novel! ;)

    Thanks for the links though! :)

  2. This is great news for any authors trying to break through!



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