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Out of Dark Fantasy comes Light Fantasy - Could these winged counterparts to Valkyries create a platform for Valkyrian Ventures?

As a writer who dreams of being published there is a lot of thinking involved. That thinking usually is about not what publisher or agency would be best to promote and organise a publication but also where my book fits in to the large world of printed word. What genre does it fit in? Is it a new genre? How would I summarise it in one line? What would my blurb be like? What part of a bookseller would my book be displayed in? Who is my target audience? Do I have one? Etc.

I've only recently become aware of a handful of books that are starting to shine a light (open to interpretation of course) upon the new recent phenomena of Dark Fantasy/Dark Romance which entails Vampires, Werewolves, Witches and Supernatural Bounty Hunters and the like as it's leading favourite character type. Now a few writers are trying to add a bit more purity into this supernatural mix - the new ingredient is - Angels.

I was in a WHSmith store yesterday and noticed a handful of books both in Adult Fiction /Dark Fantasy/Fantasy and Teenage Fiction sections and found a few more online at Waterstones. Here are the small selection I've found:

This book is about the Nephilim, creatures reported to be on Earth in it's Adam and Eve days and who are still around and eager to enslave the human race to their will. To do so the Nephilim must find certain artefacts which have so far been protected by a society called Angeologists. 
Basically I'm thinking Dan Brown plot but with added spirituality. It's out in hardback if you're interested.

This was found in the Teenage Fiction section and is a supernatural romance story, and seems to be on similar lines to Twilight I'm judging from the book blurb about a teenage girl falling for the new boy only to find herself in the middle of an age-old battle between the immortals and those that have fallen.

Out in Hardback also and I do find it refreshing though the plot may be too similar that a girl hasn't fallen for a bloodsucking or moon cursed bad boy in class.

Again discovered in the Teenage fiction section (and yes I do read some books from there if only because they're not just good and equally enjoyable as adult texts but also keeps me up-to-date on what kids are reading).

This book though has a more adult feel to the tale of love as it's not about an Angel living on earth but how a lover died and became the guadian Angel of their greaving partner.

So it may well be more a thriller than a romantic piece with the challenge of the characters being that if Tristan (the dead lover turned Guardian Angel) saves Ivy (bereaving partner) from the killer who seems to be after her his unfinished business on earth will be finished and then they will be truly parted until death reunites them both.

Now this one is of particular interest as it's written by the author behind 'Interview with a Vampire' of all things so I will be seeing how much attention this new page of her talents gets her and how it supports this new genre.

The plot to this seems rather complex from reading the blurb but to put it simply a killer in present day California and is approached by a new client, a mysterious client, a Seraph, who offers him the chance to restore and save lives instead of taking them. Lucky (aka Toby O'Dare) accepts and is transported to 13th Century England where Jews are badly treated and children go missing and are found dead.

This one is also out in Hardback.

 There you have it, a few books showing a new surge in 'lighter' and 'purer' paranormal characters to try and stem the flow of vampires, werewolves, vampire and werewolf hybrids and witches.

If you can think of a book involving Angels in the fantasy sense (not so called real life encounters with) please do leave a comment about it and let me know what your thoughts on it were.

I do hope this little rise grows much further and readers adapt to it ok as I feel if there is only a little stable grounding of books involving winged religious figures (such as Angels which are universally recognisable) then the waiting reading public of dark fantasy and fantasy alike might be willing to accept and sample my adventurous tales featuring the 'angel' of vikings. My Valkyrian Ventures may yet gain it's wings - in time.

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  1. Oh yeah, I love angels! Got loads of them in my book. Although, mine is a chicklit. I love angelic books :)


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