Tuesday, 27 April 2010

My Author Profile is released in the Viking Chronicle courtesy of Dismorphia.com

Well it's been at least 2 months now since February when I first met and became fast friends with my latest highly importanty contact, Michael, who works as part of a team developing http://www.dismorphia.com/ where they are currently testing and creating a 3D virtual medieval Jorvik for people to play for free online as a viking trader/warrior etc.
I met Michael for the first time face to face at the Jorvik Viking Festival where I helped to cover events as well as enjoy having a very good time.It was during our discussing regarding writing for online readers (where keeping them hooked on each paragraph really matters) that he explained his plans to help promote me and my writing.
He explained that because my short stories (now confirmed chapters to my developing novel) were too long to condense to fit into the chronicle which has a limited word space he thinks that the best alterative would be to have a small feature piece on me, as a writer, explaining to people what inspires my writing and why I write what I write about - valkyries at work in present day York.
Which not only blew me away but he also wanted to develope a banner link for my blog (basically a logo with a link embedded in the image) to be part of the Dismorphia Friends list and on their home page!
Woooo! That was one of the many best days to date in my life so far to hear how much effort he was willing to put in to support little old me and help me fulfill my writing dreams.

Anyway all the patience and effort has finally paid off! For the latest Viking Chronicle was released back in early April (for some reason I keep getting it late or not at all but that might be because of inbox settings etc) and I am in it!

I'm still waiting for Michael to send me it as a webpage file etc so I can link you all directly to it as I did with my original appearance in the Viking Chronicle last year (see other blog and links section to the right down the screen) so here is an image of my little section instead: Apologies for small writing (hope you can read it) but picture won't get any bigger sadly.

Enjoy and do mention Dismorphia to any viking loving friends you know - it's a fantastic website and the Viking Chronicle is always full of interesting information as well as a good old saga or two.

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  1. Awesome! Well done you getting the connections/hookups ;)


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