Monday, 29 March 2010

Viking Treasures at the Ashmoleon Museum, Oxford:

At long last I can finally show you the few select treasures of the Viking Era on display at the Ashmoleon Museum which I and my boss Terry visited last Thursday when on a morning training trip to the city of Oxford.

Two genuine silver arm rings - used  to hack into silver pieces for trade or as marks of honour in battle.

A true Vikings Sword remarkably preserved whole. Would have been a fine weapon 1000 years ago.

A RuneStone, given to the owners of the Museum in 1687 by an artistcrat from Sweden.
I could recognise several of the spiritual runes in this engraving although to interpret it into actual words was impossible for me. I do not know if it was the properieters or the original engraver who highlighted the runes in red and the entwining design in black. But it looks amazing. Read below for the actual interpretation:

The Ashmoleon Museum in Oxford is entirely free and full of loads of historical finds, artefacts and more ranging through all kinds of eras.

So if you are ever on a holiday down south please do take the time to visit the Museum and see its many wonders for yourself.

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  1. I love looking over ancient hoards in virtual museums. what a thrill to see one in person! the last treasure I saw in person was the only real pirate booty dredged up- pieces of 8 for real :D


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