Saturday, 20 March 2010

Spearing a problem, colourful crocuses and beautiful blackbird

Well this week has been a tough one for me due the boss leaving for a long weekend with husband which meant I was in charge of the Library Thursday afternoon all by MYSELF! Now you would think that all the new students who've been with us since September would know the rules by now but no. They just continue to break them in various ways meaning I have to repeatedly tell them off and hope they learn their lesson. Sadly a rare thing in our little college.

Although typically the day my boss leaves is the day everything goes wrong.
1) Library became an oven due to the huge numbers we had in during the day (I counted 100 at 1pm when I was alone).
2) I had to give a show n tell sessions to a group leaving the front desk unmanned.
3) Whilst with said group those students didn't listen at all well so I was always interrupted with the questions 'where do you click that miss? or I can't see it miss? or miss my PC isn't working?' Even though I said for them all to stop and watch until I've finished.
4) Whilst sorting out said technical problems chaos reigned and impatient students at desk left unhappy.
5) Continuous rule breakers kept breaking the rules no matter how many times I told them not to and threatened them with a ban.

That afternoon was possibly equally as stressful as the day my boss was so late I manned the Library by myself from 8.30 - 2.35! Missing lunch in the process!

The only way I could regain my senses was to have my first hot bubble bath in ten years and pamper myself with all the goodies in my bath cupboards

Thankfully hearing this little chap made my week at the end of all the stress.

As well as this little fella.

I'm sure you will agree anyone to listen to these feathery beauties sing so loud, clear and at such close quaters should feel blessed and priviliged to hear such sweet signs of spring.

And this fairy like visition of spring colour proves that despite all the miserable rain we have had today and the fact the temperature this week has constantly been above 5 degrees celsius shows that Spring has indeed finally won over Winter who made a strong come back to these parts.

A spring fairy circile of crocuses purple, yellow and white with a few gems of Snowdrops marking the giving way of the seasons.

Now this weekend as it's been raining all day I've actually made a start on writing Valkyrian Ventures Part 4 - title still to be decided - and immediatly I hit upon a problem apparently common with budding writers like myself (and this is me admitting I'm still very much an amateur despite my part degree in creative writing.)

And the problem is this - 'write what you know not what you don't know.' A famously repeated writing saying.

How does this affect me?

Well my characters are Valkyries and I'm depicting them as they have often been imagined - in that they use and carry spears.

So the problem goes like this - how can I write a single combat battle seen with my protoganist using spears when I have no experience of using one myself?

I've already tried to be clever and write a breif description of what I can imagen her doing but when I have a go at mimicking my words using my rather tall staff I can see that my words lack an genuine thought or experience in this subject.

So following my BF's advice I scowered YouTube for videos on spear fighting and yes there were some good examples of how its used to jab mainly and block - not the fancy twirly whirly thing I imagined. The problem still remains though on how to put that into writing.

But don't worry I'm not going to give us just because of this small snag in my skill and experience as a writer. I will just have to educate myself, do my research and try putting pen to paper to get it right. Besides, as soon as I began writing before I hit this challenge, I could feel the story take over me, reminding me that this is a story that needs to be told. So is worth every drop of effort, persistance and time to do it and do it right.

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