Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Runic writing, Viking Ghosts and Spreading my writing wings!

After much thought over how to make my blogs logo I went back to basics with only using the words Valkyrian Sanctum but of course I must find the right font to hint at what my blog is all about (mainly vikings, mythology, writing and creativity - oh not to mention my Valkyrian Ventures). After recalling a website dafont.com that my boyfriend recommended for unusual fonts for all sorts I trailed through their Medieval section and came across one font that suits these two words beautifully.

The font I finally chose is rather aptly name Yggdrasil and made by a danish man with the nickname Pizzadude. I think it looks very cool and suits my themes and topics well. Looks very runic and yet it still readable. That was the main concern, as there was a proper Futhark Runes font but unless you knew the Furthark alphabet you wouldn't make heads or tails of it. So I've email this off to Michael along with my own author profile hopefully for acceptance to be featured on the Dismorphia website and it's newsletter the Viking Chronicle.

I'll provide link and screen shot of my little extra claim to fame as soon as he gives me the thumbs up.

I've also been busy reading a lot during my breaks at work - mainly my Writing Magazines which I have now finally cleared the lot from 2009 and have started January 2010 issue. Only 3 more to go ha ha. Plus I've been eating page after page of a book called 'Crusader Gold' by David Gibbins which is a great history thriller involving Vikings, the Menorah, the Crusades and an ancient sect. It's very, very, very good! Only started it on Friday and I'm already 3/4 way through! Will give a lovely big review when I'm done as long as the ending doesn't disappoint.

I have made some small progress with writing in that I've set myself up for another fall by submitting my viking ghost story 'As Old As Houses' to the Writing Magazines Ghost Story competition. If I don't hear a thing in two months I know it's another failure.

But I'm still hoping I will go through all the rotten egg stories before I write a golden award winning one that agents and publishers will be chasing me for hehehehe. I am intending on making my Valkyrian Ventures such a show a talent and promise.

Hopefully when I begin attending a Creative Writing Workshop thats being set up in the Square Chapel in Halifax at the start of April having fellow writers to bounce ideas off and tell me where I'm going wrong I'll start writing some proper good stuff and improve the quality of content in my Valkyrian Ventures a lot more. They are still pretty much first drafts at present but it shows the general plot and characters I'm trying to tell.

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