Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Creative change in the spring breeze:

Well my creative juices are flowing again and I have this sudden urge for a complete makeover on Blogspot as my Wordpress blog actually looks cooler and more mystical than this one despite my pictured banner. So I've been trailing through the internet haystack trying to find the golden needle template that suits my tastes, interests and stories. Below are just a few of the nicer ones I've found but I'm not entirely convinced of using just yet so any feedback would be grateful as of course it would mean a big change for the layout of content etc affecting you - my readers.

Wandering Angel (I'm liking the sketch as outfit and wings match a Valkyries style)

Complicated Girl (colourful but no hint of anything mystical or magical)

No Such Angel (slightly more along my characters profile although she doesn't use guns.)

Winged Girl (again more colourful and modern, nothing mythical)

Angelic Blessing (I am loving this great big celtic angel design, she looks pretty impressive in a Valkyrie manner except content is kept in quite narrow boxes beneath this nice but huge image.)

On a simpler note my lovely and very generous and supportive friend Michael at http://www.dismorphia.com/ has been requesting I start thinking of images or symbols to use for my blog banner/logo so I've been doodling away and here are two (sadly too extravagant for a small rectangle on a webpage) ideas I've come up with.

A Valkyrie's wings, head, roundshield and spear help make up the letters (in purple) V and S that are the initials of my Valkyrian Sanctum.

This is a second version just using spears and roundshields to form the V and the S.
As mentioned though I think these are slightly on the big side for what Michael has in mind for my blog banner/logo but their quite funky symbols that represent my blog as a starting point at any rate.
I'm still thinking up ideas which of course will be shown here once sketched out onto paper.
Still haven't gotten round to starting Valkryian Ventures Part 4 and I think it's mainly becuase I'm still trying to come up with a tag line that catches peoples attention and gives little curious hints to what I write about. For example Stephanie Meyer's Twilight tag line is 'When you can live forever, what do you live for? referring to the vampires immortality and the problems that come with it. And J.K Rowling's is 'Harry Potter, the boy who lived' of course because he is meant to be dead from his encounter with you-know-who. I am trying to come up with one for mine that deals with death, dead, souls, gods, valkyries etc. Michael said this would be the hardest thing to do and it is. Any writer finds writing a blurb of their novel hard enough but trying to sum the whole idea behind the story up in one line that makes people want to read it to learn more is even harder.

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