Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Visiting the places of my Valkyrian Ventures

Whilst looking back (with a big silly grin) over all the photographs I took on Saturday at the Jorvik Viking Festival I rediscovered ones that have a literary connection to me. In the way that both these places have (and soon will) featured in my Valkyrian Ventures series.

This is the Starbucks Coffee shop in York that you first meet my main character in Valkyrian Ventures Part 1 - The Old Ways Never Die. I would have taken a picture inside but I was afraid of getting a few glares from ungrateful customers. You can just make out the door which Jenny herself gazes out of from the inside watching everyone pass by.

These two are of a place that is going to feature in Valkyrian Ventures Part 4 (title still to be decided) but I do know what is going to happen in this particularly dark and spooky looking spot. And no before you ask the girl in the picture isn't involved. She just happens to be my best mate Milli who was wandering around its stone coffins as I stood there thinking 'this is the place for my story'. Discovered this shadowy alcove passageway at the entrance to St Mary's Abbey ruins after the main bridge into York (yes I know there's two but there's one all the tourists walk on as it's near the wall). I needed a shady place where a secret meeting could be held and this fitted the spot perfectly. Only found it because Milli needed somewhere to change her top and the loos were locked hehehehe. So I quickly snapped it for future reference.
I think it's nice to be actually able to visit places you feature in stories as it helps the author as well as the reader get a better feeling for the story and the characters. It seems ironic as I'm following the lead of one my favourite authors Chris D'Lacey (whose blog written by one of his dragon characters Gadzooks can be found in my crafty and creative bloggers list further down on the right) recently put up a post with pictures he took of places which feature in his stories.
I guess when it comes down to it we as writers must visit such places even if we're just going to borrow certain features of the buildings, landscape or atmosphere as an article in Novembers Writing Magazine rightly pointed out that Fiction in it's purest sense is just a mirror of reality - parallel to it but different in every possible way.
Plus if we ever become rich and famous like a certain Dan Browns then readers and fans will flock all over the place on a pilgrimage to any places that are even slightly like those used in the book.
So my one decent tip to any writers is to always keep your camera with you, even if it's a disposable one, as you never know on your journeys - even when you're not intending to look for that special place to fit inside your imaginary world - when you might discover the missing visual piece of your literary puzzle. It worked for me.

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