Thursday, 18 February 2010

Birds - small, big and of the female fantasy kind:

Not much to report in my rather dull build up to my big day out as a Viking-wanna-be this Saturday for the climax of the Jorvik Viking Festival.

Been busy helping Mum with housework, taking my Aunt who has MS out for the day, spending too much money yet again AND finishing making a battle raven runic top for my best mate for Saturday, the only highlight of the week in general has been to do with birds. Oddly enough.

First it was garden birds of the Tit variety that I was able to photograph feeding on the tree opposite our kitchen window.

The first two are clearly the beautiful and chirpy Blue Tit and I believe this fluffy and cute little fellow is a Coal Tit but please do correct me if I'm wrong. I haven't seen this type of Tit before usually the BlackTit, BlueTit and Sparrow are most common in our humble garden. Having said that I did see a whole family of most unusual smaller garden birds hubble around the birdfood late that afternoon but it was getting dim and my camera couldn't make them out but they had long black tails with white trim, white and black stripes on their head and on their wings. I think they might have been Long Tailed Tits but until I get back to flat to check in my birdies books I won't know for sure.

The second birdy thing has been a rather proud and exciting moment I rediscovered whilst going through my horde of a bird photographs. It's an 8 second mad video but during it you hear the eerie cry of a Buzzard flying high, wild and free during my family holiday in Dorset last year and just at the end you catch a glimpse of its shape in the blue sky as I struggled to find it with my camera. It was that high!

During my discovery of this piece I came across my friendly garden Robin who still perches high up in our trees and sings his cheerful song. Again I apologise for the dodgy camera work. It's amazing how hard it is to stay still.

The third birdy item is to do with birds and their power of flight and how a human would fly if she had wings. I am of course referring to my main character Jenny for in my Valkyrian
Ventures Part 4 she earns her wings and I am having to actually ask myself how would she use her wings? Does she use them as an extra pair of arms or do they have to move in motion with her true arms? I mean a bird's wings are in effect it's arms. You often see in cartoons featuring birds that they hug each other using their wings as arms. It's a tricky one to decide or even perhaps describe. I am quite tempted to have both interpretations possible for Jenny as I do like the idea of her simply crossing her arms in front of her and her wings doing the same to form a special shield against arrows etc around her body. I guess the best source for ideas is to look at the way Doctor Oc in Spiderman 2 uses his 4 mechanical arms. They work as extra arms independant of his other limbs when he's climbing up walls and over buildings but he also uses them in conjuction and action with his true arms.

If anyone has any tips or advice on how to approach this matter I would appreciate the suggestions.

Anyway this is my signing off until Sunday when I was be bouncing back with a mammoth long post on all my adventures, encounters, experiences, photographs and hopefully some decent video footage of the boat burning!

May Frigg guide you and Freya guard over you all!

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