Saturday, 13 February 2010

Away with the Vikings!

My favourite week of the year has arrived! The Jorvik Viking Festival has come! Vikings from across the world come once again to great Jorvik as in older days to sell their wares, tell great tales and of course create great battles! I have my glorious tickets accepting me and my best mate to see the spectacular finale battle, firework display and boat burning to mark the 25th Jorvik Viking Festival.
This historic week has spurred my creativity once more to the point where I've claimed my boyfriends old shirt and emblazened upon its back the image reportedly used upon many Viking warlords flags and banners -a great black raven of war! I've embroidered red gore trails upon its wings and runes of power, strength and protection upon its body with rune words proclaiming I am a 'Jorvik Battle Raven'. I have been proudly wearing it around work much to the puzzlement of students and staff alike.
You can see a video tour of my latest viking inspired creation plus tours of my Viking Cloak made for the festival in 2008 and my viking satchel made for last years festival on my YouTube channel . They are uploading as I speak but may need some time to be fully processed and put up. I hope you find them interesting and inspiring besides my nervous nattering.
Of course as anyone reading this blog can tell I am a big fan of anything 'vikingy' as I call it - that covers culture, history and mythology. So I am indeed off to celebrate our rich viking heritage here in the heart and capital of the former Danelaw at Jorvik (aka York) so I am returning to my family home on Monday for the week (rock on with it being half term yipee no work and lots of viking fun). I would go to the festival every day of the week as there are over 100 events happening throughout but sadly I'm nearly broke money wise so every little penny I have left I am saving for the big finale day to mark the climax of the festival on Saturday 20th February.
I will have my camera with me throughout the entire day at events, medieval markets, craft fairs etc so I can garauntee that there will be lots of photos and video footage to add to my Flickr and YouTube sites when I get back in a weeks time.
Whilst I'm away I will hopefully finally get round to make a start on writing Valkyrie Venture Part 4 as I still have my story art work burning in my mind calling out to be told. I'm also hoping to photograph some nice wildlife if I spot any whilst at home in the lovely North Yorkshire countryside. So lots to share, show and tell when I come back.
I will try and blog updates on my adventures at home with my camera, pen and the big day at the Viking Festival but if I don't you'll just have to wait patiently and possibly excitedly until I get back.
Until I blog again I would just like to say one thing,

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