Thursday, 14 January 2010

Writing Challenges:

Checking my inbox I discovered an email from Chapter One Promotions announcing that their International Short Story Competition is now open.

International Short Story Competition - Chapter One Promotions

And one of the judges is from the independent publisher Legend Press. I went to their website to see what kind of stories (if possible) they were into and discovered that their sister publisher Paperback is hosting a very different writing competition where one author has written half of a book ‘Tale of Two Halves’ and everyone is invited to finish it to a minimum of 10,000 words (in the book or on a PC) and the winner wins a contract with Legend Press. Of course this entirely depends if the first half of the original story grabs your imagination but I think it is certainly a novel (apologies for the pun) way of encouraging new writers with pre-set material. I think all writers should give it a go just for the challenge. I know I will.

'A Tale of Two Halves' Competition

So that’s 4 challenges I’m currently throwing my gauntlet into the ring for, the Writing Mag Ghost Short Story Competition, The Yorkshire Mag Ghost Story Competition, Chapter One Short Story Competition and A Tale of Two Halves (once I get, read and begin writing for the book).

Hopefully I won’t load myself up too much. But the first too I definitely intend to enter.

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  1. The half a book contest sounds fun! But are we able to find out the genre of the story first, without having to buy the book? A sample of the story would be good as well, to see if it's a writing style I could cope with.


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