Saturday, 16 January 2010

Valkyrian Ventures - Story Art - Preview into Part 4 *Exclusive*

This is a drawing of an imaginative moments I had when waking up one morning and thinking about what will happen next in Part 4 (still in progress) of my Valkyrian Ventures series.This is what I imagined as I considered how my main character would gain her Valkyrian wings.
I had a vision of it being some part of ritual ceremony of ascendance taking place under a full moon and only ending as the Sun breaks over the horizon heralding a new day. Now as Freya, leader of the Valkyries, is the one and true and original Valkyrie Battle Maiden she would take on the role of a high priestess in a way and I would also highlight the fact that she is not one of the Aesir but actually a Vanir Goddess (the Vanir were more attuned to nature whereas the Aesir represented more human elements e.g. love, battle, farmers and sailors.)
This would be done by having Freya place upon the head of Jenny (my lead character) a wreath of Ash leaves from the sacred world tree Yggdrasil, then tie a small bough of a Yew tree (a tree often regarded to help spirits to the afterlife hence being found in graveyards) round the waist of Jenny. So Jenny is now wearing two natural and powerful tree symbols. The Ash to represent her allegiance to the Aesir and Vanir and all those who live upon the world tree and the Yew to symbolise her role as a soul guide and guardian. Jenny is also holding a compact spear tipped with silver as her sacred weapon of defence and battle so she arms herself as a spiritual warrior as part of the Valkyrie ranks.
Now those of you will notice the bloody mess on Jenny's back and that is the most important part of the ritual that will give her wings.
First off she is branded with runic magic with the letter and rune 'V' which not only represents the Valkyries but also the Vanir and if the 'V' was like this '<' then it would become the rune Ken which means torch, a light, a fire which is a powerful force and imbues great magic against the darker and colder powers such as Ice Giants and black spirits.Around the runic branding are (please believe me) 7 silver feathers. One taken and worked into Jenny's back from each of the prime and Elder Valkyries (the first of Freya's ranks).
So between all these symbols of potent old and runic magic and the fall of the moon with the rise of the sun Jenny will ascend as a full Valkyrie and earn her wings.
If you're now curious about my Valkyrian Ventures please access their new special section in my wordpress blog via the link in my 'Link to other sites and blogs' which can be found under my profile section in the top right of the screen.
Hope this provides a tasty creative tease if not a taster to new readers of my imagination inspired by norse mythology. In particular the little known about role of the Valkyries - the Aesir's answer to angels.

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  1. very nice indeed, lovely story, great imagery and the graphic was just the icing on the cake, well done and good luck with this..:)


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