Friday, 8 January 2010

New Year - New name - New Content:

Well for those who follow me you will now of course notice a dramatic change in my little but growing blog. Not only has the colour scheme changed, a new photographic border appeared at the top but the name and thus the web address has changed from


(A creative place of rest for wanna-be dreamer 'valkyrie's like me.)

The new name itself was taken in honour and inspiration of my very best danish pagan friend Ox who held a guild by the same name when we were part of the Horde side in World of Warcraft.

Plus I think it helps promote and define what I'm all about a bit more which is my love affair and fascination with Norse culture, history and mythology. About 50% (rough guess mind) of my content has some Nordic refence or is inspired by Viking influences, ideas and mythology. The name 'Valkyrian Sanctum' is also more suited due to the mini sucess of my favourite short story 'The Old Ways Never Die' which is strongly based in Norse mythology, set in modern day York (aka Jorvik to Viking fans such as myself) and features the intriguing and little known about character of a Valkyrie (albeit a modern one as she is not on of the original 13 names in my mythological fact books). Since having such encouraging notice and feedback from my little piece of Norse fantasy I have written 2 draft sequels 'Trouble at Midnight' and 'Sacred Secrets' and am still working on the second but will upload the extended version soon. And on a more personal note this new title suits me particularly well as on World of Warcraft when roleplaying with other characters I would often put on the appearance and persona of a Valkyrie (first as an undead nightmare of battle when Horde and now as a powerful and deadly woman human in Alliance). My first ever online character when part of Guild Wars had the name 'Mist Valkyrie' which shows what a strong fascination I have with these particular characters of Norse Mythology.

Besides 'Wilson's Words' seemed a bit lame, vague and academic english in my mind when I am after all a fantasy writer at heart and I don't feature much about the nature or meaning of words themselves (apart from one review on the dictionary of british place-names). Most of my content is either fiction, photographic, creative in other mediums OR fiction/fantasy usually with a strong influence of Norse in there.

So I hope you like the new look of this blog as much as I do and continue none the less to follow my creative adventures into anything Vikingy.

Oh remember - if you have saved 'Wilson's word' as a favourite anywhere please delete and replace as with the blog name change the web address has also changed. It is now

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