Monday, 4 January 2010

New Year, New Inspiration and New Determination

For some silly reason I have bought 3 calendars to mark the passing of the next 365 days of 2010 although 2 of them are quite useful in other ways. One of them introduces me to a forgotten old english word, its meaning and old folklore (always handy learning something new about this mungrel language’s past I reckon) and the other is a magnetic poetry calendar – comes with over 50 magnetic words to make a new poem each day, an inspirational quote and a creative exercise for each month.
My challenges for this year are to actually stick to my Aspiring Authors Journal, do at least one hour of reading AND writing a day, enter or at least aim for as many competitions as possibe and generally try not to get too stressed. Oh and begin to learn to drive again.
So let this little poem created on my new calendar of monthly inspiration and encouragement mark a new year full of dreams and creativity.

‘This loving feeling is apple green,
like the magic of morning grass
as sunshine season grows flowers.
Through the cold night we laugh
together here in our delightful world of
happy, warm sweet dreams.’

May this new year bring you dear reader everything you deserve.

1 comment:

  1. apples, flowers, morning grass, they are all fresh and lively, lovely...

    beautiful mind,
    unbeatable poem.


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