Sunday, 24 January 2010

My Raven banner soon to be flying over on YouTube!

Well it's been an eventful weekend. And a tiring week after a full 5 days at work for the first time this year hahaha.

First I was going to visit my family then I wasn't. Due to train problems getting back on Sunday.

Then I was going to visit them next weekend and now I'm not. Due to the fact that I am now booked for my first driving lesson in 4 years next weekend.

But on the whole it has been a creative and useful weekend off from work and family much to my disappointment.

I got some good editing done on my competition entries. Recieved some good feedback on them from both my boss Terry and the guys over on Writelink. Which has helped me to re-write and edit even better. Think I will get Terry to give it one more read through then my slightly shorter version 'The Old Ways Never Die' will be submitted to the Chapter One International Short Story competition.

Nearly got my alternative version to the story mentioned above now titled 'I Am No Angel' edited to its best. Thanks again to Terry and Writelink for feedback.

I also had quite a norse inspired creative moment with pen and paper when checking some viking facts on Wiki (not entirely reliable I know but handy at the time) and noticed a nice picture of a raven banner which got me thinking. If I could just personalise it a bit it would look nice on the back of the old shirt I got from my boyfriend and on the blank bag I was going to personalise for a mate.

This is my attempt at copying it. It's not exactly like it as the wing lines are twice if not more times the thickness they were on Wiki but I liked it as I drew it so I didn't bother to correct it. Although I must admitt the beak I got a bit too long so it looks more like a vulture head then that of a raven.

My idea was as I drew this that if I left the insides of the wing lines (which were orginally blank in a stencil like image) then this raven might look even better with gold, silver or even multi colour runes showing through it's form. As if the raven image itself was a stencil layered over a nice pattern of runes. Anyway I just have to work out how to bring both the runic pattern and the raven image together. But you'll see more on that as I develope.

Ok now some of you may or may not be interested but you can now catch Valkyrian Sanctum on YouTube!

Now the question you're probably thinking of is 'What on earth can a writer and little creator of things possibly put on YouTube???'

Well the answer to that is this:

Not only can I share some of my favourite videos - uusually animals doing crazy things.

I can now also record little bits of the Jorvik Festival this year and put it on for those of you who couldn't make it to enjoy and share the experience of. Wait till you see the firework and furneral pyre longboat from the Finale this year which I am so DEFINITELY going to!

Also as a writer I may be brave and read out loud to the camera some of my works - trying to literally spread my Valkyrian Ventures through word of mouth.

Plus I can give you delightful mini tours of my creations as I make them so you can see the finished result instead of a flat image. Might even rake in my boyfriend to film me posing in a few of them.

So there are at least 4 things I can bring to the YouTube audience in my own mad vikiny ways.

You can subscribe to me on YouTube and begin sharing what little animals antics I've already uploaded by going to

I did try to have my most common nickname Vallyrie1008 but it was actually taken! *shock horror*.

So I hope you at least keep reading my creative moments on here in my blog if you are not a big fan of YouTube, if you are I hope you still continue to follow me here anyway as well as watch and hear my (rather squeaky) voice on YouTube.

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  1. wow thats fantastic, well done you, I must get the link when it appears lol, excellent, hope u are well :)


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