Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Literature Festival is coming to town!

Hoorah! Yipee! Yahoo! The 5th annual Huddersfield Literature Festival comes to town March 10th - 14th! It may only be 5 days but I can garauntee that it will be 5 days packed with the best writing lessons, author reading and events, poetry sessions and literature groups this area has to offer and we have a lot to offer. I myself have been to each one so far since I began my uni degree here and each time I managed to truly enjoy myself in it all.

Please visit http://www.litfest.org.uk/ for more details on the authors and events taking place this year.

But I save the best till last writers, they are holding a short story and poetry competition and the winners get published in the Grist Anthology!

So if you want to beat the many thousands of entries for the Grist Anthology competition that opens in May as far as I believe then please do write your best 1000 words or less (or 10 lines or less in case of poetry) and then you can be one of the first to be included in the Grist Anthology of New Writing from 2010 (I say 'from' because it took a year since the competition came out to be published and released).

Here's the link to download/save the competition poster and email it to all your other writing friends

It doesn't give much details on rule etc but I believe it to be the bog standard competition guide lines in double spaced lines, A4 print outs, numbered pages, cover sheet with author details, title and word count on the front etc but I will use my friendly connection with Michael Stewart (director of the festival and the genius behind Grist) to contact him for exact details and once I know more I'll put it up on here.

<--- My former creative writing tutor, mentor and very good friend Michael Stewart holding the first edition of The Grist Anthology of New Writing at its launch party back in November last year.
So best of luck to all those who plan to enter (I am!) the deadline is 10th February with the Winners being announced at the Festival Launch party on March the 10th.
May your creative sparks roar into a blaze of inspiration!

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