Friday, 8 January 2010

JORVIK Viking Festival 2010 Programme Released!


Hoorah! Yippee! Yahoo! And any other exclamation I can think of to show my great joy and happiness at the fantastic events lined up for this years 25th Anniversary Jorvik Viking Festival! This truly is the highlight of my year because I can indulge for a whole week almost (if I were rich and didn’t spend all my pennies on fanciful medieval trinkets on the first day) my great passionate love affair with Norse culture, history and mythology.

JORVIK Viking Festival 2010 – follow this link to learn more about events and dates so you can join in this great week for yourself.

Aaah I have so many fantastic photographic memories from the past 4 festivals (viewable better in my Wordpress blog in the Jorvik Festival section with each photograph arranged by their year.) I can’t wait to see what surprises, treats and delights this years will bring. I only hope for a dry warm week after all this snow. And it was bitterly cold last year when I went. Thankfully I can wear a skirt and thick tights underneath my medieval gown (look up Children In Need for a sneak peak of me in my medieval costume).

The greatest advice for this event though is of course to book ahead at least 2 weeks in advance because these events sell tickets as quick as mischievous Loki can transform hehehehe.

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