Monday, 18 January 2010

Daring + Connections = one more small piece of my dream come true!

Well I haven't much to say at the moment really as it's been back to work as usual (no more snow to give me some time off boo hoo oh well I admitt even I was getting a bit sick of it) so I'm feeling a bit drained creatively at the moment. Hence there is no real review of Avatar yet (but I will do one eventually but mainly noting on anything in it which I found particularly enchanting which is hard because 100% of it was totally enchanting) and why my attempts at trying to draw Gadzooks the inspiration dragon from Chris D'Lacey's books has ended up in a bit of a flop with the dragon not looking like anything close to a dragon. But I'm a baby with drawing hence my Valkyrie Rising sketch has arms tooooo long. But like with my writing practise will only help me get better.
However I do have some good news on a writing note in that a) I have finally given my competition entires to my boss Terry to read through for me (she has a keen eye for all the mistakes I don't realise I've made), b) I'm also getting some very revealing feedback on the same peices from a fantastic bunch of people who always help me out so I know I have lots of editing and rewriting to do but I look forward to as it can only get better surely? and C) the most important peice of news to be honest which is in relation to my post title (bet you're wondering what it was on about) is that Michael at (another great viking loving bunch trying to develope a 3D medieval Jorvik aka York during the viking era) has agreed to let my Valkyrian Ventures Part 2 - 'Trouble After Midnight' - fearure in the Viking Chronicle Dismorphia Newsletter!
Ah it's still in it's earliest draft but never fear he has agreed to wait until it's absolutely ready for the 22,000 viking loving readers that subscribe to Dismorphia's Viking Chronicle. I may even get it ready to be released at the same time the Jorvik Viking Festival 2010 is launched on the 15th of February. He did say they are working on having all content in the newsletter to feature as well on the website (at present it's a blank canvas with links back to the newsletter subscription for more info) so I may wait until they have that running then it's also on a newsletter and a website.
Now if you're wondering why he's having Part 2 of my Valkyrian Ventures it's because he first feature 'The Old Ways Never Die' back in September's newsletter last year. I only finally realised I should try and exploit*UTILISE* I mean utilise his friendly connection and support as well as his website subject area which suits my work perfectly (albeit mine is in a modern day setting).
Ok I did save the best news to last and of course I will immediatly throw up a huge link covered in flashing lights and fireworks once 'Trouble After Midnight' is in it's prime, submitted and featured on website and newsletter. So watch this space.
My Valkyrian Ventures may well be coming to a screen (PC that is) or inbox near you!

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