Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Creative and Crafty and Chilly Moments:

Well this week has begun quite well despite my 2 day weekend becoming a 3 day weekend due to snow. I managed to finally knuckle down and finish the third sequel in my Valkyrian Venture series 'Sacred Secrets' a draft mind you so please do ignore and blindingly obvious mistakes. I do intend to go through with a fine tooth come and pick out all the knotted errors.

I also enjoyed a lovely chat and friendly company of a fellow writer at work called Zoe. Who kindly shared some of her poetry with me in one of which run a college based competition which was very good. In turn I shared some of my little resources such as my Writing Magazine Annual Competitions guide for this year so she can set herself some targets like I have namely the Yorkshire Magazine Ghost Story Competition and the Writing Magazine Ghost Story competition. Using the same piece but two different versions as one has a short word count that the other. If you wish to sample them please look up in my search bar 'As Old as Houses' sixth draft (the Yorkshire Mag version) and 'As Old As Houses - extended version' (for the Writing Mag). Any thoughts are greatly appreciated even if it's just to point out how bad my grammar and punctuation is.
I have also finally got round to photographing in order to display my 3 favourite crafty and creative christmas presents. Although I admitt one of them I actually did get well before Christmas. But I feel you creative types out there might find them interesting.
First up is my Valkyrie Feather Pendant made and given by my good American friend Julie aka Mermaiden Creations (link to her blog site can be found down the right hand side under 'Crafty and Creative Bloggers' she sells all her wicked creations so if I make you jealous with this little wonder don't fear you can share her magic too). It also came with a pretty magnet with a dove encapsulated with delicate colourful beads.

Second up is another creation of Julie's - a celtic knot wristicuff (basically an ultra classy stylish comfortable wristband - every girl should have one!). I will love my boss forever for getting me this for christmas!

The detail on this is exquisite and must have taken poor lovely Julie days on end sewing the knot all by hand but my is it worth it! Goes so well with my long sleeved thin blue tops don't you think?

Last but certainly not least is a book I absolutely adore and was given to me by one of my best friends. She certainly knows me well by getting this title 'Fairie-ality - The Fashion Collection'.

This is a lovely big book with lots of amazing photographs of costumes, outfit's dresses, underwear, hats and even shoes! All made out from herbs, seeds, nuts, bark, flower heads and petals! All delicate and natural and sadly untotally wearable. But as you can see from the front cover at those outfits amazing! The House of Ellwand is certainly a name to look out for in classy fantasy fashion design. You can browse through a few of the pages yourself at http://www.fairie-ality.com/.

Finally I leave you on a rather chilly note with the stunning image of a Vine Icicles - basically icicles which have formed and transformed the rather drab flowerless vines which cover the draining pipe on the flats opposite my own. Was amazed when I saw how many and how long they were. Shame it's all turned into water now but who knows what Jack Frost and Mr Below Zero Degrees may conjure some winter beauty again soon if this arctic weather doesn't leave us.

Take care in the ice and snow out there all UK residents!

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