Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Another Icy Day in Frozen Britain - Perfect for hours reading a good book

It it these two things which brought me home half a day early today and have also given me tomorrow off.

1) A country gridlocked in deep snow, never ending slush and grit shortages.
2) Ice that looks pretty when viewed up close on your windscreen but it is like an invisible banana peel under your feet where ever you walk.
It is the reason why I was the only part of our small Library team to make it into work today as Judith twisted her knee badly earlier in the week when she slipped on the ice, why Sue's son couldn't go to college so she had to look after him, why Terry's car was effectively frozen solid in a foots worth of snow upon the moors and why I was extremely lucky to get in at all as I managed to get the last bus of the morning before they were suspended due to black ice. Thankfully they were running again when college closed for the rest of the day (apart from exams of course) at 1.30pm so I got home safely. Buy boy it was awful on the footpaths this morning. Wherever there was slush the night before there was ice this morning. My poor wellies didn't have much grip but I managed just. But I bet quite a few poor souls lost themselves to Jack Frost's cruel tricks.
Anyway due to the hazards on roads, footpaths and around the college campus we not only shut early (although it was a half day for most students anyway) we are also going to be closed tomorrow. So that means yet again it will be a 3 day week like the week before due to the Arctic stretching her wintry wings and reminding our landscape of the Ice Age hehehe.
But as my title suggests this weather keeps most people indoors and when you get fed up of watching boring day time TV and the repetition of bad transport and weather conditions on the news - that is the time to bring out a good book or several in my case as I have been flying through my latest favourite series. One which I will be forever grateful to my Mum for introducing me to it although she mistakenly bought the last current book and not the first. But I don't care either way it's been money well spent. What is this fantastic series?
Well the author's name is Chris D'Lacey and he writes a series of books (5 so far) about dragons, in particular clay dragons with a little bit of magical fire in them and their many adventures with the range of people they come in to contact with. In particular a lodger at their maker's (Mrs Pennykettle's house) by the name of David Rain who turns out to have quite a natural (if not magical) talent at writing stories themselves. Which is one of the many things which attracted me to begin reading these books despite finding them in the 9-12 section.
And yes I know I'm 22 but I don't care! The best way to stay young is to act young in heart, mind and body! And that does not endorse eating sweets all day - simply means being childish, silly and playful once in a while if not all the time. And these books are way beyond the age range their set in at Waterstones book shop. I would say it would be enjoyed even by a 15 year old. It hasn't got swearing, epic battles or violence of any kind but Chris D'Lacey can still send a shiver down your spine with fear and make you tense as the adventure gets dangerous.
The first is titled 'The Fire Within' and I began that and finished it in the last week of last year - finishing it on New Years Eve. Finished the second titled 'IceFire' about mid way through last week and then as soon as I got home from work today spent all afternoon from 2pm - about 5pmish finishing the third titled 'Fire Star'. Now I'm about to start the fourth title 'The Fire Eternal' before I can finally read the one Mum got me titled 'Dark Fire'.
You can learn all about the dragons, the author and much more at his website and read a blog written from the point of view of one of the star clay dragons in the story Gadzooks, who inspires David to write his magical stories in the story themselves. Scroll down to my Creative and Crafty Bloggers list and you will find Gadzook's blog at the bottom.
So as you can see not only does this rather long winter spell (we genuinely haven't had a proper winter like this in the past 10 years at least) resulted in providing me with days off to be creative but also to fulfill my old time favourite hobby - being a bookworm.
May you enjoy your bookworm moments too with a good book in your hands a great tale performing out in your imagination.

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  1. well i'm 42 and LOVE to read good kids' fiction :D
    thank you so much for the recommendation- my children and i will use some gift cards we got and pick up book #1!


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