Tuesday, 5 January 2010

2010 begins as the year of SNOW!

This is a photo of what I did today and all thanks to this wonderful whitestuff as it stopped half of teachers and pupils getting into college even though I got in for 8am as usual (typical really) so we closed before nine and we're closed tomorrow too!
It really is remarkable how the UK has snow since the 18th of December. It's like the past ten years where we haven't had a white winter have suddenly come along at the start of this new decade all rolled into one.
And no I'm not very small we just happened to get carried away with one piece hehehe. Shame we couldn't find any twigs or rocks to use as eyes and we had no coal either. But my boyfriend lent Arnnie (as he's the snowman of Arncliffe Court flats) his scarf so he looked a little bit like a snowman.
Anyway I hope you all out there (mainly UK residents) didn't get too caught out in the snow I know my local main road was ridiculasly slow this morning where my bus took half an hour on what was typically a 2 minute trip (at least it was this morning suprisingly) to get me back home.
You can see some more of the fruits of this day off below this post in a revised and added to edition of my yorkshire Ghost story 'As Old As Houses'. I'm writing it for the Yorkshire Magazine and the Writing Magazine Ghost Story competitions. However the Yorkshire version is only 1000 words long but the WM version thankfully has a more forgiving word count so I've extended it a bit in places. So please do read this new version and let me know what you think. All thoughts are greatly appreciated as often I don't see my own mistakes and my grammar and punctuation could always do with more work.
But if you have lots of snow and ice around you then please do take care out there and I hope you enjoy my latest piece of writing. Evidence that I am keeping to New Year rule 1 *write for an hour at least every day*.

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