Friday, 18 December 2009

The Norse Collection (3 exculsive books) Made and Written by Me

The idea to make this book was not my own but a student's at the college where I work. As we were both young writers we thought it was a good idea to give each other our stories as presents. But I wanted to bind my favourite works into a book and thankfully my partner had done one previously for me so I got him to show me how.
The Norse Collection is my own exclusive title to my favourite short stories (x2) and 3 poems all of them with Norse mythology showing through strongly as the inspiration behind them. To make it I bought a set of 3 A5 notebooks, took out the pages, made holes down the middle of mine and sewn them together. I then laid out my suede like fabric, cut to shape and so it folded gently around the book cover - enough so it could stretch but also was tight enough around it when closed. After the flaps had been glued down and given time to dry I then took the blank cover paegs at the back and front of my main pages, spread glue lightly over them and pressed them hard against the inner book cover. Let it for half an hour then placed under and between several heavy books over night. Once all the glues areas were dry I took some gold 3D fabric paint and put the title and my maiden initials on the front and left to dry over night. Then it was just a matter of trimming the pages to fit within the book covers.
I only exclusively made 3 copies of my work, one for the student and 2 for my best friends as an extra special christmas present. It took a long time to make but it made me feel proud to see my own words in book form.

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