Friday, 18 December 2009

Friendship Momento Fabric and Paper Hanging

This is a paper and fabric mixed photograph hanging that I made 2 of as christmas presents to my 2 best friends whom are featured in the photograph. With a special message in runes at the bottom.First I used Image Maker past to transfer a reversed photocopy of the photograph onto a piece of calico. Whilst it dried and set I made the background using decorative pieces of paper that are reportedly made from recycled fabrics in India. I believe this to be true as you can make out thin strands in the material. I used green for grass, white for snow and a blue strip with stars on for the sky. All three strips were glued onto a larger whole piece of neutral paper. Then once both were dry I positioned my fabric photograph, pinned in place with the red and gold ribbon as the border and sewed the ribbon in red thread to go against the ribbon strips. I then folded the excess neautral paper at the top on to itself several times to make a strop hem, used a holepunch to make holes and then inserted a thicker strip of red and god ribbon to make the hanging.You can just make out at the bottom the golden runes I wrote using 3D fabric paint. Written on the back is the interpretation 'Friends Forever'.

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