Friday, 18 December 2009

Feeling nearly as busy as Santa himself!

Well I know it's a big claim to make but these past 3 weeks have been a complete and utter whirlwind for me. If it's not work making me so tired I have to have early nights which takes away my WOW playing time then I have Christmas coming up so I've been busy planning, buying, making, wrapping, posting and writing christmas presents to all my closest friends and family not to mention decorating and cleaning the flat. On the whole the past 3 weeks have been pretty productive and creative.

Productive in that I feel I've been making a real difference to the Library where I've introduced quite a few e-resources as we call them. Such as getting the Library up on Twitter - soon to be put on a large screen in a rotating tweet display so our message gets even further to our students. Setting up a Delicious Links account to make e-resouces seem a bit more accessible and modern and in doing that I came across A fantastic online virtual book shelf site where you can personalise and customise your own bookshelf. So I've made one for the Library to display in a more visual and interactive form our newest additions to the actual library catalogue. Also set up a Library blog to keep students uptodate with new books, library events, library changes, new e-resources etc.
Creative in that I made by hand 2 beautiful hanging textile photographs of me and my best friends and printed and hand bound a small collection of my favourite Norse mythology inspired short stories and poems as a special literary treat to them both. The actual book idea was not mine but a student at college whose become quite good friends. I also made a nice thick green furry hand muffler for my Auntie who has MS so she can't really use gloves anymore due to her stiffning hands. All these things took a long time to make and create but I enjoyed doing them and is extremely proud of them. Pictures to come up soon.
Now I just have time to myself. I'm going to spend this weekend with partner and his family exchanging presents then coming back on Sunday to travel to my family home on Monday for the rest of the Christmas week. Whilst there I will continue at last to work on my Yorkshire Ghost Story, take photographs of puppies, scenery and wildlife I see and maybe even drum up some more crafty ideas for when I come back to Huddersfield for the New Year.
At least I can finally be busy doing things I want to do and enjoy.

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