Monday, 30 November 2009

Planning A Creative Christmas:

Well it’s back to being a busy bustling Librarian after a very tiring 3 day weekend thanks to a ‘training day’ last friday. Managed to become a fool in that time as I went home without packing pyjama’s and went to Scarborough shopping and somehow managed to forget my purse. Thankfully Mum was happy to bail me out over 2 presents. I’ll pay her back when she comes Christmas shopping my end this saturday. Hopefully with my new comfy desk chair which has evaded me again this past weekend.
I’m please to say I am making some improvements to the Library that my boss Terry is quite pleased with. Made some funky signs for the Fiction and Manga section as they didn’t really have any. Created and put into action some ‘Brand New to Catalogue’ signs and labels on books that we put on shelves showing off new books. Also initiated a ‘New to Library’ list that promotes a selection of books recently put on catalogue in a range of subjects and some ficiton and manga. These lists are put on tables, in Blackboard announcements and on our Library Blog (which hasn’t had student input yet but I am mentioning it to a few now.) Got the Library on Twitter @HuddnewcollLib and also begun developing our use of bookmarking site. Found some rather interesting sites I might just look into myself.
I’m hoping today is going to be a lot easier and possibly quieter than last Thursday which was the first real nightmatre I’ve had since working here. It was a day of endless rule breakers, trouble makers and micky takers in our students. Had to take a few names down and threaten them with banishment due to their misbehaviour and inept ability not to learn their lesson in discipline.
On a more happy and creative note after visiting the sweetest shop of handmade gifts ever in Scarborough and purchasing two lovely handmade note books for some old friends I’ve come away with inspiration on how to make a further addition to their gifts. It involves card, fabric, picture maker paste, a good photograph, thread, beads, glitter, fabric paint and any other embellishments I come across hehehe. I can’t wait to start making them!
Further encouraged when one of my friendlier and in fact friendliest students by the name of Samantha (who is in to modern vampire novels) who says she makes all her christmas cards each year and because last week she showed me her own vampire short story in progress, she came up with the most fantastic idea. Print and Bind our little stories and then give them to each other as presents! Which is kind of ironic in a way (although I’m always being corrected on the use of that word) as last year when I was away on holiday my boyfriend printed and bound my own little novel (a draft version so it wasn’t perfect) in a lovely purple paper cover. It was very sweet even though it wasn’t perfect. So I might get him to do it again for me hehehehe.
Oh what a busy term this is turning out to be, writing, playing WOW on awesome new PC quite regularly thank god I was beginning to loose £8.99 a month for nothing, being a busy Librarian bumblebee and now getting creative again. I might even take the first step in redesigning the back of my white work jacket with the Norse Raven idea I’ve been developing. All works of further creativity will be displayed here. You just have to give me a bit of time to get started.

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