Sunday, 1 November 2009

Home coming, spending money and Halloween Foxes!

Well where should I begin:
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Let's start at the beginning, at the end of last week I went home as it was half term at college so I had a week of work! WOOO! Got to bond again with my saint of a mother and play with my two balls of fluff Gem and Bailey, our families two golden labradors. Also as I was back in good old north yorkshire country side I was able to photograph the country pheasants in the fields right opposite my home. You can see pictures of these fine english birds on my Flickr site or in my Deviantart Gallery.

Spent most of the week on outings with my mum and Auntie Kate and Jo, the latter has MS so it's good to get her out. Of course this was temptation for me to spend a lot of money as I had only been paid the week before so I felt slightly rich and carefree when I did buy quite a few things.

Yet something good did come out of my pennies as my Mum spotted in a local newspaper a local guy by the name of Simon Grey who has written and had published 2 books for the under fourteens based on the idea of Vikings living under the streets of modern day York!
At first I was gutted that yet again some lucky person has beaten it to fame with my own idea (as my valkyries stories are set in modern day york) but then I realised it showed how strong Vikings and their adventures are making a come back to the british public! So I bought the 2 books and I'm very nearly finished the first one which is called The Last Vikings. It really is a book for younger kids who are nearly teenagers but not quite. But on that ground it is still an enjoyable story even though very immature for my reading tastes. But hey I act like a 12 year old half the time anyway. So I do reccomend it for younger readers to put on their Christmas list this year.

Speaking of York I went there on Thursday to catch up with my best mate Tasha and just had to visit the Jorvik Centre shop and buy a vikingy treat for doing a degree (excuses but valid ones :P) and I bought a nice valkyrie pendant, the figure based on an engraving found in Sweden. Thought it quite clever as I'm writing about them and I also bought a nice blue t-shirt with a viking boat on depicted in an engraving and as it's mainly black and lacking great detail I thought 'perfect I can add stuff to it and make it my own hehehe'.

Now I returned back to Huddersfield and my boyfriend for the Halloween weekend. Sadly none of my mates were telling me of their Halloween plans so I wasn't able to get dressed up as Black Widow Spiderwoman this year but my boyfriend proposed we revisit our beloved woods for a halloween campfire. I went worried it might take ages for it to get going etc but he didn't dissapoint me. In half an hour we were toasty warm by the firelight eating our now lukewarm fish and chips. It was very nice though. I did have another brilliant idea on the way down to get him to record me in the firelight telling my vikingy ghost story 'As Old as Houses' but sadly it wasn't to be as I didn't bring my good camera as he said it would be too dark to photograph anything (we didn't think of filming then) and my mobile phone died on me just before....
AND at that critical moment of failure a fox started screaming in the woods.

Rotten luck. That's all I could put it down to. Plus it was a full moon.

However my boyfriend used his phone (which only records for 30 seconds before stopping which was annoying) but we managed to capture its calls once before it stopped. You must be instantly quiet when you click play as it is the first noise you hear and then my boyfriend spoils it with the noisy marshmallow packet.

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  1. wonderful campfire! you have fox juju, lady valkyrie!


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