Friday, 20 November 2009

Children In Need @ HNC Library

Currently enjoying my best day at work ever simply because I'md dressed up in my viking cloak and my medieval dress complete with all my amber jewellry. My boss Terry has become a Vampire Cocktail Waitress and Sue our Assistant is a She Devil hehehe. Getting quite a few curious guesses as to what I am dressed up as. One member of staff said I looked like Guinever *blush with flattery*, one student ask if its something victorian lol and another said am I Pochahontas LOL. I keep making a joke about getting a Guess Pot to see how much money we can raise with people guessing what I am. I'm taking photographs of us dressed up Librarians and all the students that come in with a game to play, selling cakes or even quirkier costumes. All to be put on here, on the Library Blog and possibly on Twitter Pics once I get it sorted out for our Library Twitter account.

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