Monday, 12 October 2009

Putting photographs on Flickr is paying off! My talents been spotted!

I was only checking out my Flickr photostream to amend the title of a butterfly picture which I mistakenly called a Tortoiseshell when it was in fact a Painted Lady butterfly when I noticed that I had a message in my Flickr box. I opened it up and what do I see? A lady from a website I haven't heard off called Schmaps York Guide informing me that they've selected one of my photorgaphs to be using in their York Guide which will be released by the end of the month!

Now at first I was a bit dubious, thinking it might be a hoax but I clicked the link as directed and it did indeed take me to their website where I was shown which photo they had selected. It was one of my favourite's from the Jorvik festival 2009, with viking re-enactors captured against the ruins of St Mary's in York Museum Gardens

Of course I clicked accept submission and now I have to nervously wait to see if they do pick me in the final decision process! Trust me as soon as I know you'll know too! Who knew such things could come of joining Flickr!

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