Monday, 26 October 2009

Jorvik Photographs, Twitter and Librarian Gatherings:

Well I can say that my half term holiday is as much work as it is holiday. Mainly due to me helping my Mum take my Auntie Jo out for trips and stuff. Spent a bit too much in the garden centre on Sunday and not on plants I can assure you.

Then today I've been busy growing up in my new life time role as a Librarian by tagging along with my boss to the Extreme Make Over conference at Leeds Met University with a whole host of other Librarians. A gathering for all those who like organising informationa and discussing new ways to share information as well as teach good information literacy skills to students. Learnt lots of new things, made new friends, discovered an interest in Twitter for personal use as well as work use (so give me a few hours and you might find me on there under my deviantart nickname).

Top all that off with the local countryside Pheasants put on a nice show for me in the fields nearby (photos in my Flickr gallery - see link in Creative Connections down the left.) And I finally got an email confirming that the Schmaps website is using my Jorvik photograph in their online York Guide. You can spot it amongst the montage of other selected and used photographs in the Schmaps York Guide box in red down the left side of the page. It has my name underneath.

Also Mermaidencreations (please do visit her wonderful site at Blogspot - link can be found further down the page) drew my name in a giveaway draw so I've won the beautiful prize of a handmade feather pendant which will look awesome with my medieval pagan gear. That is if it gets through to me in one piece with this damnd awful postal strike happening here in UK.

But I am trying to make this a creative holiday as well as I've lugged all my writing stuff over to try and improve my viking ghost story some more and perhaps write some more on my developing Valkyrie saga as each short story is turing more into a book chapter. Besides I have also bought an encylopedia of sewing and stitches as I am being pestered already to use my sewing machine again by my partner so something textiley might appear in the future.

So do keep your eyes peels for more pics as well as stories.

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