Thursday, 15 October 2009

A girl can never have too many blogs :P

Well I must say my new bloglife on WordPress has gotten off to a flying albeit a slow start, flying in that I had 10 views on Saturday which was a nice suprise (i’m loving these statistics) and slow because there is so much I can share but to organise it into all its appropriate sections which I must first set up before uploading is taking a bit longer than I first thought. I currently stand today as having over all a nice total of 52 hits! But that's nothing compared to the 906 page views I have on Deviantart but then I have a lot more followers on Deviantart.
Already there have been some improvements though, now all my famous encounters and pieces can be found under ‘Introducing myself’ section, I have a section devouted to sharing the thrills of the Jorvik Viking Festival which I am regular attendee where you can see brilliant photographs of all the fun and action from festivals this year and past. And still early in its development is ‘Valkyrie Creations’ where I will display my other creative material.
So if you haven't visited my new blog yet please do the link is found to the top right of the screen!
I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that I have uploaded some stunning shots of birds of prey that I saw in fantastic action at Leeds Royal Armouries this past weekend where me and my partner celebrated 3 crazy years together these can be seen in my Flickr site and via my Deviant Art Gallery - please see Links to the top right of the screen for access.
And I am finally pleased to announce that I am currently writing up my short story idea for a ghost story competition I’m planning to enter ( thankfully the deadline isn’t till July next year -phew-). So there is still lots more to come in all areas of this fantastic new blog of mine (and on here of course). Keep your eye on this space!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my Halloween blog party :D I imagined we'd have similar collections along our lines of interest :]
    i hope you win my giveaway1


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