Thursday, 8 October 2009

Creativity vs Lazyness

Well it's been busy to say the least in my life.

Not only did I have a very busy weekend helping my Mum look after Auntie JO who has MS, then help Mum prepare a banquet of a roast dinner on Sunday for our australian family friends who were over in the UK visiting.
I then return to work to find my boss Terry is off ill and I'm left in charge! They were big boots to fill. I did ok though, managed to keep the ship afloat. Just gave myself a sore throat repeatedly reminding students of the library rules. I only had to shout at one persistent offender with her mobile.
I was much happier when Terry returned yesterday though. I've only been in the job for just over 7 weeks so I really am still in the early days with information overload.

On the creative side of my life I've been loosing a battle with lazyness. I won a little bit against it when I finally did some reading on the train to and from home instead of staring at the window and thinking. Was really nice as I finally got to a chapter devoted to the impact of Vikings in medieval Dublin in Ireland. All fictional of course but anything to do with Vikings gets my thumbs up.
Still haven't managed to actually do any reading though after work or even before bed. I keep tending to turn into a coach potato before the TV watching my regular favourite programmes. However one of them has finished now and the other is only on every monday night (the other was daily occurance)so technically I should have the strength and will to do something else now that there is nothing else worth watching after work.
I did have a creative burst yesterday, at work of all places, with my valkyrie story sequel (hope to get the finished rough version to you all soon) so I was a bit naughty doing my writing during the quiet moments in the library when there are plenty of other tasks to do. I did intend to continue at home last night but sadly I got a horid headache which I knew would get worse if I spent more time in front of the screen so I just had a hot shower and called it a night.

I have managed to do one good thing I'm particularly proud of and that is to persuade my boss Terry to order the Writing Magazine into the library for the young writers we have at the college. I did a whole pile of questionnairs for the writing group to do but only 5 in the end introduced themselves to me so we only had 5 responses to the magazine suggestion but thankfully all said yes they want it at college and even on that little amount Terry has agreed to pursue it further.

Other than that not much else to report, currently looking through my competition guide provided by the magazine and selecting suitable targets for me to aim for. Found a ghost story in the Yorkshire magaazine which I'm definitly going to set around Ravensknowle Farm, a lovely derilict farm thats at my former student resident Storths Hall and has been there for a good 150 years. I've always promised that if I win the Lotto I'm buying the land and doing it up. So you may see drafts of that once I work out what I'm doing for a plot. I know character names as I'm going to use the names of people who actually lived in the farm whom I found in the Census records in my local Library. I may have to go there again just to confirm a few facts about proffession etc.
Looking forward to the Grist Anthology release in Novemeber! Can't wait to see my old tutor Michael Stewart and other friends at that event. Pictures of the event will be up the day after I promise you that much.

So until I next have a mammoth story to tell keep your eyes peeled for more pictures and updated version of my new and growing valkyrie story sequel.

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