Sunday, 27 September 2009

Reunited Friends, Medieval Maiden and Story Submitting:

Well judging from the long gap between this update and the last journal entry you can only presume I've been very busy and in that presumption you will be correct.

I've lost count of the amount of Library Induction talks I've given and to be honest I think I got worse with each one I gave as I always came away from it realising only later I forgot to mention some small thing. Stumbling over my own words didn't help but it's hard to talk to a bunch of teenagers when they're all bigger than me, look my own age and clearly wonder what the hell I'm doing talking down to them.

But that's what happens when you're born 5 weeks prem and don't have a growth spurt and loose too much weight when you're 17 from having Glandula Fever and Tonsalitas at the same time. Well their my excuses anyway for my slim and tiny body. Althought my partner would disagree having witnessed my love of cheese in nearly every meal. Apart from breakfast of course.

Anyway I've been busy with Induction groups for the first time, gaining courage and confidence with the countless times I have had to tell teenagers to be quiet, put food away, no drinking in the library other than water, showing them where books are and a lot of other things.

And this is all with a cold during the last week which I still have a bit of in the form of a little cough which is something I don't often get. So I haven't really been up to updating any blog or doing much creative.

But then along came Milli! My Bestest Northern mate who finally returned my area after a year back in blessed North Yorkshire away on placement so I spent the past weekend catching up with her. I reckon we talked a lot longer than the film we somehow managed to watch without talking hehehe but we did have a years worth of stuff to catch upon because we've both been busy these past 12 months. It was thankfully with Milli that I managed to have enough strength for a shopping trip around Manchester Victoria where I discovered the huge Arndale Centre with the greatest shop ever inside - called Luvyababes! WHAT A NAME! And it was such a cool fancy dress shop and it is from there that I got my latest favourite clothing of all time - my medieval gown! You can see pics of me in along with my awesome viking inspired cloak in my profile and in gallery. I managed to wrangle my partner into photographing me so although they're not fantastic I think he managed to do me justice in my outfit.

Then having ended the weekend on the high I finally managed to complete a task I've been longing to do for a few weeks - submitt my little bit famous valkyrie story to the Interzone fantasy magazine. They do alot of stories with a modern, contemporary and unconventional or untypical twist in them and I figured my valkyrie story being set in modern times might fit quite well. So I followed their submission guidelines to the letter and sent it all off with bells on in the post last Monday (21st). Now it's the i'm-not-really-anxious-or-impatient-for-a-reply game that I must play or I will drive myself crazy with expectation everytime I open the letter box.

That is about all the news and events I have to report on so far other than I'm hoping to at least get some more reading done this weekend if not any writing because I haven't touch a good book for a while.

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