Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Plum picking, Jam making and being brave!

This past weekend I have been out in the wind and sunshine rambling around blackberry bushes and wild plum trees - all thanks to my partner and his parents. We managed to have a bag full of plums and a sandwhich box full of blackberries. Although both mine and my future mother-in-law's fingers were died purple as some berries were a bit too ripe and exploded in colour at the slightest tug or squeeze. Upon arriving back at their place we de-seeded the plums (or do they have nuts - it was a matter of debate in the household) and put them all into a large pot to boil away with sugar and water to make a very tasty jam. From fruit to jam in a matter of hours! And all for free! Really did make me notice the price of jam in my local Co-op shop. One was a horrifying £9.99!!! A tenner! All simply because it had the words 'clover honey' and 'ten plus' and other nonesense health words to make it sound like a miracle jam for all ailments.
On another creative note I have recieved my 14 favourite picture prints and have now the horrible task of just selecting 4 to enter into the Countryfile Photographic competition - the deadline being this friday so I really have only today and tomorrow to choose. I'm just grateful I have some good work colleagues and work in a college with a photography department. I just hope one of their staff can visit me before it's too late!
I am also being brave and hopefull with my written work by entering my little bit famous Valkyrie story into the British Fantasy Society Short Story Competition. With much relief I don't have to wait months to find out if I get anywhere with it as the over all winner is announced by the 19th of September so I'm told. So it's 18 days and counting on that score. *fingers crossed*.
So thats 2 things I have to keep my fingers crossed for. Plus I may be doing some free lance writing work the Dismorphia website I mentioned previously such as running a type of writing clinic on their forum once they have got one set up on their website as well as featuring my Valkyrie story there plus writing reviews or commentaries for any Viking/Angl0-saxon era events I attend. Which will be dominantly the Jorvik Festival in Febraury WOOOO!
So my name may be taking the first few steps in world domination by first appearing a lot in the big World Wide Web muwahahahahaha (only joking).

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