Friday, 14 August 2009

Returned only to leave again:

I write this as no longer a 21 year old but in fact a fresh 22 year old as I celebrated my birthday last Monday.

Thankfully I celebrated it at home because it is now only at home I can access the world wide web due to Virgin Media yet again messing up our broadband connection at my lovely new flat to which I and my partner have recently moved to. Yet it is also with much relief that my partner managed to ring them up again countless times and sort it out so when I return after my family holiday next week I will be returning to a flat that does indeed have the internet.

So here I am signing off yet again for another week as I am due to leave on my annual family holiday tomorrow which will be nice but I'm sure everyone knows that there are always bound to be arguments no matter how well behaved people can be.

I did however stick to my promise of doing something creative during the week of no internet access, proof of this can be found below in the few pastel drawings I did. And I intend to continue this creativity on holiday as sitting on a train for six hours gives me the perfect opportunity to actually make a start on the new plot of my valkyrie story I've had brewing in my mind these past few weeks. So all being well I will have at least a rough draft to display when I get back.

Until my return I bid thee farewell and may I have all the sunshine hehehe

This is my depiction of a Valkyrie guarding the golden door way to Valhalla along Bitfrost the rainbow bridge which links our world to the world of the Gods.

This what I imagine Yggdrasil the World Tree to look like in the great void of the Gunningigap, its three roots encompassing our world whilst Bitfrost the rainbow bridge links our world with the other realms around the great tree.

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