Thursday, 30 July 2009

Busy as British Bumble Bee who has drunken too much Lucozade!

I have been extremely busy over the past few months:
1) finishing off course work and project material
2) trying to find a job
3) nervously waiting for results from Uni and from a writing Competition
4) Getting excited over good results in both the above cases (21. pass mark and an honourable mention by my all time favourite author on her own website!)
5) Getting even more excited over an interview offer for a job I applied so long ago I forgot all about it
6) Getting incredibly excited when I was offered the job which I swiftly accepted (began work straight after my Uni results day)
7) Working hard trying to find a new place to call home for me and my partner
8) Starting my new job, learning so much and most of all LOVING IT!
9) Struggling to collar a house viewing
10) First and final house viewing proved very acceptable to us so began application process
11) Delay in application due to history of addresses needed - further investigation stopped delay.
12) Accepted as future tenants, set move in date
13) Landlady begins kicking a fuss over a few marks left by previous tenants - move in might be delayed
14) and finally compromise agreed between previous tenants - move in can still go ahead.
Now all I have to do is pack!
Yet somewhere amongst all this chaos and running around like a headless chicken I managed to come up with a new short story plot to sequel my somewhat famous Valkyrie story.
However there may be a light at the end of the tunnel for my creative spark as I like to think of it which has been sadly pushed down with so many real life grown up issues I'm amazed how I came up with a new plot at all. Once (all being well) we have moved all mine and my partners belongings into my new flat I have a week off work not just to make the flat as much as home as possible but I will also have time to be creative. And as a very late new years resolution I have set myself the challenge of starting and completing at least 1 creative thing per day if not a nice total of two. And it can be in any medium, style or manner as long as it's creative and I have fun doing it.
Yet you, my dear one in a zillion reader (if I have any at all that is) will not get to see these creative works when I complete them as I do not get the internet installed at our new flat till next thursday (that is if Virgin does everything right and on time for once). So consider my presence away on holiday so to speak, which technically it is as it is the summer holidays, and my creative works snap shots of what my imagination has been doing on my imagintive travels.
Until then, I bid you adeu!

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