Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Photograph of Bailey (Grinning Dog) featured in Huddersfield Examiner

There is a little card and gift shop opposite my flat in Huddersfield and a few weeks ago it opened up it's Smile Photo competition. All you had to do is enter for free photographs of you, your friends, family even pets as long as they were smiling. Now I was a bit self conscious to enter any pictures of me smiling but I did have a photograph that was perfect for the role. It is a photograph of my young dog Bailey that I took back in Spring or maybe before Christmas last year (can't quite remember) and it was originally a bad photograph as it caught him with his eyes shut when he blinked hehehehe. But the way his dark eyes are closed makes him look like a chinese cartoon character and the way he was panting made him look like he was grinning. So I printed off another copy and entered it in.

A few days later I noticed that Alison, who runs the shop, was featured in the Huddersfield Examiner newspaper announcing her competition. With her article was a picture of her holding up the photo entries she already recieved. One of them was my own of Baily! You can just make it out on the scanned image of the article above. It's on the far right of the bunch she's holding on the left of the photograph.

It suprised me even further when within the article itself she described the photo as 'one of my favourites'.

Here is a link to the online version so you can read the article for yourself although sadly it doesn't feature the newspaper photograph.

I won't know if Bailey is funny enough to win a prize until the end of this month but I will announce it on here if I do. It is just such a buzz to know that this picture is classed as a favourite to someone else other than me.

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