Friday, 5 June 2009

'The Old Ways Never Die' Now Accessable via Joanne Harris's Wesbite!!!

This past two weeks have been full of suprises! Not only have I had a picture of my dog feature in the local newspaper and be described as a 'favourite', not only has my Valkyrie short story 'The Old Ways Never Die' been honourable mentioned and described as 'great' by Joanne Harris herself on her website for her Fan Fic competition, not only did I get a suprise call from a local college I applied to work for ages and ages ago rung up and asked if I'm still interested and would I like an interview because the person they did hire was a 'time waster' not only all that!

But then Joanne Harris does me even more honour by providing a link to my short story on her Fan Fic page on her website!

Now many more people can read my work and perhaps a literary agent out there will spot my little bit of talent!

Thank you so much Joanne! You truly deserve to be my idol due to your great generocity towards my little piece of work.

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