Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Huddersfield Student E-Newspaper April 2009 Edition (Final Editorial piece)

Please see it in full view and click to zoom in to read fabulous commentary on the fantastic events held during the Huddersfield Literature Festival 2009 last February. It features the Grist Competition winners names and entry titles, an interview with Michael Stewart, Creative Writing Tutor to myself and the Genius behind Grist as well as a sample of the gruesome yet groovy night spent with author C.C Humphreys on his latest historic fictional novel based on the true historic figure behind the myths and legends of Dracula, other wise known as Vlad the Impaler. As well as the first short story to be submitted to the newspaper and written by another student other than myself. All makes for a jolly good final reading of my final contribution as Books & Fiction Sub-editor in this final edition of the year as I am now really no longer a student at the university as this is my final year and I am due to graduate this July, hopefully. Enjoy!

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