Sunday, 1 March 2009

Opposing Shield Wall - Jorvik Viking Festival 2009


  1. you call that a shield wall? where is their stamina, their strength, their togetherness and unity. In the movie the 300 you saw the strength of a shield wall. Where the shields connect side by side and nothing gets through and together they pushed the enemy back making able to stab and kill then come back and hold the wall again.

    If you look at this picture and call that a shield wall then you must be joking.

  2. I appreciate your rather critical comments on the positioning of this shield wall but this photo was taken during a momentary lapse in the re-encactment's concentration. Hence you can see people looking and addressing each other in conversation. I can assure you once their leader got their attention again they formed at least a decent shield wall enough that when six of the opposing group slammed into them they did not break through no matter how high they jumped or how low they pushed. I also admitt the battle tactics used in the film 300 were very, very good and very effective but this photo was taken of them during their battle practice. Hence there were lapses of concentration and unity however I do believe the 300 trojans and this group of vikings mixed with anglo-saxons (all re-enactment actors I must add) approach the use of a shield wall differently. As indeed the trojans were armed with spears as well as swords but this battle group only had swords. However as you have expressed such a strong and critical oppinion of this one snap shot of an event you may have not attended and therefore witnessed when the shield wall was at its most effective, if it would please you, I will simply rename the photograph as 'Opposing group'. Thank you for your time.

  3. Shield wall re-enactments are SERIOUS BUSINESS.


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