Saturday, 14 March 2009

Huddersfield Literature Festival 2009 - Pictures

2nd Prize Grist Fiction Winner: Brindley Dennis for his story 'Marin in a Hole'.

2nd Prize Grist Poetry Winner: Hillary Murray for her poem 'Fishing Trip'.

3rd Prize Grist Poetry Winner: Gareth Durasow for his Poem 'Poem for the Love Lane Crow'.
Joanne Harris announcing the Grist Fiction winners.

Gaia Holmes and Michael Stewart annoucing the Grist Poetry Winners

Poet, Gaia Holmes holding her book 'Dr James Graham's Celestial Bed'

Joanne Harris, author of 'Chocolat' and 'Runemarks' my favourite book.
Michael Stewart, script writer for radio and TV, my short fiction tutor.
David Gill, yorkshire poet, my poetry tutor.

Historical fiction author C.E Humphreys and me at his author session. 'Vlad- The last confession' is his latest and most brilliant novel set around the genuine man who inspired the legend of Dracula.

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