Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Student Cook Book Review - Huddersfield Student - Sept 08 Edition

‘Student Cookbook – Healthy Eating’ by Ester Davies - £8.99 RRP

This cookery book has quite a charming colourful front cover but in a way it’s a deception to hide all the white and black pages within that don’t even come with any pictures of the recipes involved but that really is the only fault I can find with it.

Written by Ester Davies, a food and nutrition consultant you are guaranteed to get more of the genuine facts and less of the fearful fantasy about what is good to eat and what isn’t. The best thing is using her experience and knowledge she gives a list of tasty recipes which makes healthy things yummy and suggests easy and often cheap ways of cooking them so you get the best quality and less of the bad stuff.

From the start she shows great understanding on the situation of students and the slight fear they face when they must fend for themselves in the kitchen for the first time and the small space they get to use as a cupboard. With helpful advice on what basic utensils and equipment to get, how best to stock your cupboards, fridges and freezers and what with; she follows this up with useful tips on how to shop for food economically on a student budget and the best methods on how to keep your kitchen clean to prevent anyone suffering food poisoning and missing tomorrows lectures.

As the title shows this cookery book is set around the idea of healthy eating so it is only sensible that this book is full of facts, figures and charts showing in an easy to understand way what food is good for you and what isn’t. This continues on through the recipe section with a small nutrition chart showing how much (or how little) fat is in each recipe. So you really do know what you are eating and what your body absorbs.

The recipes cover everything from casseroles, pancakes, curries, stews, stir-fry, smoothies and delicious sounding desserts not to mention the family classics. All are easy to follow and with a chart explaining cooker settings you really couldn’t go wrong.

So if you are a student who wishes to try out a diet this year or simple want to become the top cook in your flat, you really couldn’t start better than with this book. I recommend the chocolate dipped strawberry recipe. Tasty and slightly naughty. The potato wedges recipe is quick and easy for a friendly gathering too.

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