Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Writing Tips - Huddersfield Student - January 09 Edition

Wilson’s Writing Wonders:

1. Pen and Paper – the writers weapons and must be carried with you at all times so once you are besieged by a wave of imagination you can capture it in ink and keep it ensnared on paper forever. Many great best seller ideas have started from such a humble setting as a piece of scrap in a note book amongst other mad ramblings. A biro can cost as little as 25p and you can a note book for around a quid at any supermarket.

2. Writers and Artists Yearbook – this is the holy bible for all creative types. It is the size of a brick but holds an endless fountain of information from agency listings, publisher contact details, useful websites that you may wish to contribute to as well as many pieces written by famous authors who have had experience of the business of writing in any genre you can think of. If you want to get ahead in the world with your writing, you can’t start any better than this. One is released a few months before its set year and is sold at £14.99. Not a bad price for such a worthy source of information and inspiration.

3. Writing Magazine – this is like the Yearbook but in a much more casual format. It does have many great interviews with author’s not just famous ones but ones you never have heard of but yet have made it into the publishing world and written some eye-catching novels. It also hosts regular short story competitions and the occasional one for poetry which you can enter and if you win you get published in their magazine as well as on their website as well as a cash prize which for a student is always helpful. They also suggest a range of books that will help writers of any kind be it travel or romance and also get hot tips from those in the business side of publishing just to help you become more aware of what being a published author involves, not to mention the process of becoming one. If writing is just a hobby and you have no great desire to be famous, this is just the magazine for you, offering you great advice as well as the chance to a small claim of fame. You can subscribe to a full years worth of issues for just £25. A bit more expensive than the Yearbook but offers more regarding writing genres of all types and gives great insights into the lives of well known authors.

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