Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Graduate Job - Book Review - Huddersfield Student - Sept 08 EditionG

‘The Real Guide to Getting a Graduate Job’ published by Lake District Press - (order now at, £3.99)

Although for many this will become their first taste of university life but for equal numbers it is near the end of that journey and the hard work. Soon their exams and course work will be collected, marked and hopefully all will pass quite happily but what next?
Obviously the first thing to do after finishing your degree is to find a job and for a lot of you, you may already have an idea of what profession and company you wish to go into as a career choice. This book is all about helping you find, approach and pass the many trials all graduates will go through for the job of their choice in a professional capacity. Because it’s written by graduates who have gone through this exhaustive process already you get the real view of what’s needed to be accomplished in your job hunt.
As a third year myself I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t realise (after reading this book) how much you would have to do to get a graduate job; but this book not only explains everything clearly and simply but helps you understand what each test requires of you in order to impress your future employer and be offered the position.
It covers everything from applying, preparing your CV, filling in the forms, the attitude tests, presentations, interviews, assessment days in general, group work and role play. These are all the tasks you will have to go through and pass well to succeed in your job offer. But this book is packed full of useful tips, hints and guides to help you through each individual challenge. Yet despite how hard it all may seem it always keeps your remaining optimistic and hopefully less stressed which will help you perform your best when the assessment day finally arrives.
So regardless of whether your in your first year or just entering your final year, this book is a must have for your Christmas or birthday list. It will be money well spent in the investment of your future career.

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